Why Does History Matter?

If you’ve ever had to perform any type of business calculation, project management or even basic household budgeting – you’ll understand the importance of “actuals”.

Actuals are simply historical #’s that were created by some type of effort. An easy example would be your initial estimate of a $1200 monthly grocery budget vs the $1700 you ACTUALLY spent.

Studying actuals in business and at home can help you see trends that may really need to be acknowledged and/or acted upon. You can also get a better feel for where you are headed financially each month if you are familiar with your past actuals and what drives them.

The importance of studying history is a lot like that in my opinion.

Reading up on how humans behaved and the things we collectively did can help you better understand how we may respond in similar situations. This becomes even more interesting when you narrow your focus to specific groups.

For instance, was there ever a historical moment when the Marxists, Socialists and Communists conspired to overthrow a standing government and take the reigns of a nation by force?

Sure there was!

Study the Bolshevik Revolution — take a look at how they used propaganda, how they sponsored terror and conflict and ultimately WHAT THEY DID once they seized control of Russia (hint: they erected a system of concentration camps that dwarfed that of the Nazi’s – and they had them in place before Hitler came to power and maintained them well into the 1960’s)

So once we study a few sources and sort out the gist of what happened – we have some ACTUALS on “The Progressive Left” (they recycled that name too)…if nothing else this will help you to understand where their movement originates and perhaps (unfortunately) where they want to take us.

Hopefully that quick example will help illustrate why studying history matters.

These ideas will be developed more fully and with more supporting details / facts as the 50 Amp Fuse continues to blow…….



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