“Vanguard Political Groups – What Are They and How Marxists Use Them as Human Fodder”

1/2/17 (sometime after 2am)


Happy New Year –

Enough of that – stay focused, stay calm …. KNOW that you are neither a racist nor a homophobe — and continue studying (and exploring whenever possible) the inherent weaknesses of the Marxist arm of the modern “Progressive Left”

This article will examine the historical phenomena of the “Vanguard political group” and how they have been used in the past (esp. during the Russian Revolution and subsequent holocaust / campaign of extermination). The concept is brilliant (especially when you give those extreme leftist groups a nice nonthreatening name….always makes you sound like the aggressor who OWES an explanation when you disagree with them — often before they even have to logically explain their position(s)) …… people often fail to recognize them for what they are…these groups will often seek to cause conflict and/or presume to speak for a wider body of the population than they truly represent.

So being consistent with the ongoing theme / arrangement and “M.O/” for this blog — I assume you are somewhat politically aware and have some working knowledge of history. I  CAN cite my facts here but the primary goal is to get the thoughts / ideas out there with a sense of urgency – so bear with me for now. This Blog is behind schedule and our time is ultimately quite short.

In a nutshell a “Vanguard Political Group” is a political arrangement that primarily consists of people / specific populations and/or organizations that didn’t previously have POLITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS

This approach to forming groups where they didn’t previously exist, imbuing them with a political consciousness and direction, and then using them as a type of socio-political battering ram is a longstanding HALLMARK of Leftist politics.

Is it always a bad thing? It doesn’t have to be — no

But when Marxists are using these groups they will invariably attempt to exploit some type of conflict with other people/groups and do everything possible to ensure that their created group possesses LOCK-STEP unity (and often very little strategic information)

Ultimately we can look back to the USSR’s Bolshevik Revolution and see how the Socialists/Communists used Anarchists / Bomb throwers and “street rabble” to their advantage. They’re often used to intimidate, distract or (in the case of more than one previously waged Marxist revolution) – as street soldiers who will threaten and even kill.

In recent years you’ve probably noticed groups like Moveon.org, Occupy Wall Street and more recently – “The Black Lives matter approach”.

If you were lucky and it wasn’t censored you may have seen attempted interviews with some of the foot soldiers from these groups – and, depending on who they interviewed, you may have noticed (a) a profound degree of ignorance for their own movement (b) an appalling lack of civility to the views of others (What???? They don’t appreciate diverse thinking?!?!?!?) and perhaps even (c) a handler or two stepping in to answer questions for the (typically) younger and more ignorant members of their group.

Folks – these movements aren’t there to engage in a debate with you and come to some type of consensus on how the nation / world should be structured. THEY ARE THERE TO BROWBEAT YOU INTO SUBMISSION AND/OR INTIMIDATE YOU INTO INACTION…..Eventually I 100% believe that some of these groups will be used similar to the how the Marxists used their own in Russia – human fodder for a revolution they will never be allowed to lead. (go back and check on what happened to Lenin’s “useful idiots” after the Communists gained power — many MANY were shot or enslaved into Soviet Concentration Camps — they were too educated in the arts of disruption but not nearly polished/evolved enough to be a part of the ascending Intelligentsia that assumed power after the standing govt was abolished)

Ask yourself some very basic and logical questions. And if you’re in a position to do so – engage in a rational conversation (or at least attempt it – I don’t believe they’re all beyond hope) with members of these groups.

For instance – notice how simple and universal their chants, signs and (often) media statements are. You’ll get gems like:

  • “We believe in everyone paying their fair share”
  • “We seek justice for the oppressed workers in this Capitalist system”
  • “We seek equality”

Or in the case of Occupy Wall Street – We seek fairness, justice….annnnnd the elimination of all student debts, abolishment of homeschooling and other forms of universal Big-Govt “Fixes”….. ironically, the govt force that would be needed to carry out their demands (assuming the govt just went 105% bonkers and gave in to them) would equate to a dictatorship that would have to sidestep or eliminate all checks and balances…..

(((Those OWS demands were on their website as of about 2014 or so – I don’t know if they’re still listed there or if any of their members have put out the DOOBIES long enough to go update their DEMANDS)))

And there’s another rub — these groups don’t represent anything close to a sane political majority in this nation. Geez — they don’t even represent the diversity off thought that exists within their own specific populations (check to see if you can find many Christian – or otherwise conservative – Black men / women marching with BLM. While you’re at it — I’d LOOOOOVE to someday hear their rank and file give some indication of how they view abortion, defending our borders and the role of Israel in the Mid East Peace “process”

Am I losing focus with those questions? For those of you who know me – you know that’s almost always a good question to ask….however this isn’t a lack of focus on m part. I’m trying too prove a point.

THESE GROUPS ARE DECIDEDLY LEFTIST in their thinking and in regards to their marching orders. There’s NO ROOM for deviation from their game plan and NO ROOM for those who do not conform.

I can’t wait to see what the next group will be now that Trump is assuming office. I halfway expect to see anew group every other month or so — and you can REST ASSURED that the media will do their job and make sure that these groups have their voices ‘amplified’ and repeated. They’ll also make sure that they never have to stand up to serious logical criticism or analysis of their message or methods.

But that’s where YOU come in — study these groups and pose logical questions.

Notice what’s ‘missing’ when they get air time or when the media talks about them – notice how CONTROLLED the conversation always is.

I mean for the love of MIKE these groups generally have the ability to show up in places like the University of Virginia campus one day and then have a full rally ready to go within 48 hours in some place like Moosejaw, Idaho. And their signs are always nice and uniform and ready to go — SO ORGANIC AND ROOTSY aint it?

I seriously can’t help but wonder what would happen to groups like this if George Soros (and others) suddenly stopped funding them…..would the4y still have the same reach? the same drive? the same unity?

Hell no they wouldn’t.

And then there’s a moral dilemma of telling them that while they’re all generally in agreement that our founding fathers were awful and that a “REVOLUTION” is  needed to bring “justice”……the supreme irony is that they’re marching for European Political Ideas that stem from old white dudes (Marx, Hegel etc etc)……..and they’re funded and ultimately controlled by another old, white geezer like Soros.

But I’m SURE he has their nest interests in mind — just like Lenin and Stalin did for “Their People”……..I mean, there’s no way history would ever repeat itself in regards to these “useful” Leftists being tossed aside (at best) or otherwise liquidated if their handlers actually got what they wanted………..


It’s all kind of funny in a dark and occasionally unsettling kind of way.

Watch these groups however — Marxist theory and teaching will not let them rest (nor you if you are non-Marxist — or just generally logical in your politics) — they will continue to become more and more confrontational and perhaps even a bit unhinged……..





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