Quick Hits – An Untimely Coincidence

12/23/16: Aside from the occasional stream of consciousness typing (rambling?) that goes on here - I will also make assumptions. It's just something I do -- so I should quickly mention that I expect you to be somewhat interested in politics, history and doing your own research / reading to a certain extent.....it's not that … Continue reading Quick Hits – An Untimely Coincidence

Blog Release Date – And More on the Use of Names….

12/17/16: The goal was to pre-load this blog with articles that are in various stages of completion, get "enough" material on hand, and then modestly announce a 'release date' to a handful of family, friends and acquaintances. The goal was to get everything ready "before Christmas" - that's still on track Despite a mysteriously shattered … Continue reading Blog Release Date – And More on the Use of Names….

Quick Hit: They’re Very Good at Names

12/17/16 So the latest name that the left has fabricated and promoted is "THE ALT RIGHT" OOooooooooo........it's the ALT Right now.....(sounds like a warning indicator light on a V/W Rabbit) Quick notes and future directions: "The Alt Right" will almost certainly include any newsgroup, person(s) or entities that express strong allegiance to the concept of … Continue reading Quick Hit: They’re Very Good at Names

Daily Prompt: Fishing

WordPress offers a daily prompt and the word is "fisting" When I see this word I think of Marxist recruiting tactics. Especially how they go fishing for college aged individuals (who have to be HAMMERED into a hive-minded, vanguard group for class warfare) and ultimately offer everything from sex to the ever elusive Justice. Those … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fishing

Would You Vote For a Nazi?

12/9/16 - about 1:30am Follow me on this one... Would you vote for a Nazi if they were running for - let's say - Congress? No?? Not even if they told you that they'd reformed their Nazi ideals and cleaned things up really good? Still no??? Could it possibly be because of what they once … Continue reading Would You Vote For a Nazi?