Would You Vote For a Nazi?

12/9/16 – about 1:30am

Follow me on this one…

Would you vote for a Nazi if they were running for – let’s say – Congress?Nazis_Nazis saluting

No?? Not even if they told you that they’d reformed their Nazi ideals and cleaned things up really good?

Still no???

Could it possibly be because of what they once DID — way back in history?

Could it be that the Nazi’s have lost their ability to ever be included in civil discourse again? And how did they do that?

Could these historical places, and the dark events that unfolded there be the reason that the Nazi party is all but banned from mainstream political discourse:

Auschwitz – Treblinka – Baden-Baden – Dachau – Flosenburg – names that live in infamy. Camps created by the Nazi’s where millions were exterminated during the mid to latter parts of World War II.

NAZI_treblinka world war ii


I raise the point in this manner because there’s a 10,000 pound elephant in the room that no one ever seems to mention.

When the socialists and communists overthrew the Czar in Russia in 1918, Russia dropped out of WWI and a Civil War ensued within their borders. When the dust settled and the smoke cleared Vladimir Lenin was in charge of the newly formed Russian Communist Federation (they weren’t the USSR yet).

Lenin actually used the term “concentration camp” in his letters as early as 1919 according to dissident author, A. Solzhenitsyn (ref: The Gulag Archipelago). The context was how these camps would obviously be one of the options available for dealing with the enemies of the jolly communists….

Pretty soon thereafter the enterprising communists started converting monasteries into prisons and churches into torture chambers (some people have SO much love for diversity they can’t help but…get a little of it on ya).

And before that monster Stalin ever came to power – and years before Hitler was elected – the PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS were erecting a wide array of camps across Russia…..they were also busy with other communist type activities like – setting up village Soviets to weed out the class enemies and collaborators w/the capitalists, tie their hands behind them and put a bullet in the back of their heads…..many were then tossed into nameless, mass graves (but it’s all about The People you see….)

I will gladly flesh out the citations and sources to support what I’m saying but this is all pretty common historical fare for anyone who’s ever bothered to read up on that part of the world. And I would highly recommend it – because the PROGRESSIVES want another shot at it.

After Lenin came Stalin and early in his career he starved about 6 million Ukrainians to death because they had the audacity to resist the communist collective farming system that was being forced into place.

Stalin also began rounding up people to put into camps — LOTS of people.

And then he started rounding up people who KNEW the people who were being rounded up.

And then……he rounded up the neighbors who lived next to someone who had been rounded up……I think he figured you should have known about your vile neighbor and since you didn’t turn them into the police yourself — you must be a capitalist conspirator (sounds like their ‘classless system’ is a really swell – I can see how this serves The Workers …and of course….The People) — but I digress

Ultimately Stalin and Lenin (and even Khrushchev presided over the system of camps and slave labor) – in the name of Socialism / Communism and PROGRESS – ran a system of concentration camps that:

  1. Was being put into place well before herr Hitler came into power
  2. Remained in place for decades after Hitler shot himself (or ran away to Argentina on a submarine depending on what you believe there)
  3. Dwarfed the Nazi camps both in terms of sheer numbers of facilities as well as how many poor souls were ‘processed’ through them
  4. Was supported by a brutal, oppressive one party government that denied its citizens the basic freedoms of speech, conscious to worship , assemble and form opposition parties…and oh yeah….they denied many millions the basic right NOT TO BE ARRESTED AND PLACED IN A DAMN CONCENTRATION CAMP….

So here’s what REALLY bothers me about all this

How in THE BLAZES are Socialists (& what few OPEN / DECLARED American Communists we seem to have) able to run for office, spread their ideals, and just generally face NO FREAKING ACCOUNTABILITY for their legacy???????

By the way  – no one really KNOWS how many people they exterminated. Conservative estimates say that in addition to the 6 million that were starved – there was at least another 15-20 million that were just ….what was Stalin’s word?


Remember that Karl Marx (spits) clearly taught that Socialism is only a temporary state of human evolution was IS INTENDED to lead to communism….so the ideologies are connected by the man who literally wrote the book on the subject (with his special friend Freddy Engels of course)

So in summary:

  • Socialism and Communism also ran a system of concentration camps — just like the Nazi’s
  • Once the Leftists seized control of Russia they exterminated MANY MILLIONS MORE than Hitler did…..AND they had a far more vast system of camps…..that was in place before Hitlers and remained in placed after Hitler
  • During this time (and even into the early 1980’s) the progressives in jack boots repeatedly made statements to the “West” or “Capitalist World” or “Bourgeoise” or “All you Mother#*&#&*# that we haven’t enslaved or killed yet”…….like “WE WILL BURY YOU”……”We will sale you the rope that you will use to hang yourself”…..and “we will feed you socialism until you wake up one day and are communist” (see?? there’s that Marxist progression from Socialism to Communism again) — so while they were exterminating untold millions — they were threatening the rest of the world with a similar fate

WHY aren’t they held accountable for their history the way a neo-Nazi would be?

WHY are they still allowed a place at the political table in the United States (looking at you, Bernie Sanders)

WHY should we ever trust them again?

WHY aren’t we reminded of their atrocities?

WHY doesn’t the History channel scale back on a few of their 19,987 Nazi themed shows and run a REAL historical expose .. on these progressive leftists and what they DID?

Could it be that there’s a concentrated effort to  resume power?
Could it be that the committed communists never really went away in the late 80’s just because the USSR ran into financial difficulty?

Could it be that these sick (but highly organized) people have been playing the ‘long game’ for decades?

Demand accountability

Ask a Socialist how they feel about supporting a political ideology that ‘outdid’ Hitler

Ask yourself why we should trust them — ever.







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