Quick Hit: They’re Very Good at Names


So the latest name that the left has fabricated and promoted is “THE ALT RIGHT”

OOooooooooo……..it’s the ALT Right now…..(sounds like a warning indicator light on a V/W Rabbit)

Quick notes and future directions:

  1. “The Alt Right” will almost certainly include any newsgroup, person(s) or entities that express strong allegiance to the concept of a Republic…..which happens to be the best form of government for keeping our powers in check…..OF COURSE they’d rail against that….trust them, Marxists are SO MUCH MORE FREAKING SINCERE when they’re unleashed
  2. The infrastructure that aligns and pledges Left (like Zuckerb’s F/B, Soros $ and entities etc) has already started playing their hand of systematically SUPPRESSING opposing viewpoints and challenges…..Folks, that’s an attack on YOU disguised as a victim responding TO an attack — this is something Marxists have proven to be quite good at over the decades.
  3. Anyone wishing to express challenges to Marxist thinking and economics – must now consider the need to pool resources, support one another and continue to Speak Truth to Power (just as the Left once affirmed) that a Constitutional Republic with checks and balances and open dialog is infinitely better than the CONCENTRATION CAMP RIDDEN HISTORY OF THE MARXISTS SHOVING THEIR WAY INTO POWER IN THE UNITED STATES.
  4. Finally — the  current attempt to ‘undo’ the Trump election is starting to look like a Coup and outright Treason…..We have the military commissions act to address Domestic Enemies – they can be treated as Enemy Combatants (take a look at what that would mean when you have time….the Act goes back to roughly 2006 as I recall)

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