Coming Soon…HOW does the Left manage to hide “La Raza”?

1/2/17 (article will be up by the end of the month)

Part of the ongoing series asking how in God’s name the American Left has been able to continuously hide, misdirect and obfuscate – not only their own core beliefs and “Founding Fathers” but also many of the individuals and groups that they associate with and/or use for political ends.

The objects of these series are the type of people saying the type of things (or groups saying/doing the type of things) that NO ONE on the American Right would ever be able to get away with and/or associate with.

We’ve already touched on the rabid racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger – soon we’ll talk about “The Hispanic KKK” as well (i.e. “La Raza” — The Race)


Spoiler alert – they’re nasty and often overtly racist — but they also scare the Be-jeezuz outta lots of people and they strive on conflict.

Just the types of people the American Left LOVE to support and promote (for now anyway)

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