Mr Orwell Had a Friend….

1/2/17 (sometime around 0400)


Article Edited on 1/3/17 to include this source/reference to the George Orwell book, essay and reference contained below:

“All Art is Propaganda – Critical Essays” / G. Orwell / Compilation Copyright 2008 / The essay that references the notion of political quietism is called “Politics and the English Language” [and it’s brilliant – Winston]

That may be the most famous pen-name in all of Western Literature by the way – his real name was “Eric Blair”

Any who – you know him (and you should know a bit about him and his work) as George Orwell — so here’s a point.

In his collection of Essays (“All Art is Propaganda”) Mr Orwell talks about a friend he had who harbored very ‘hesitant’ political thoughts.

George goes on to note that this friend was quite intelligent and had, at least in some no small measure’ studied the politics of the day and seemed to have a working understanding of the problems of his times.

Orwell goes on to note that his friend believed strongly that a great deal of the political direction was not only distasteful to his convictions – but he was also convinced that the prevailing political Zeitgeist (I’ve always wanted to use that word somewhere…you can also combine it with just about ANY random word and come up with a great band name — MICRODOT ZEITGEIST….see??) was essentially destructive,

At that point the impression I got from the article was that Orwell and his friend were at least somewhat alike in their convictions. However his literary friend was of the conviction that YOU COULD DO NOTHING TO MEANINGFULLY  CHANGE the political climate.

Here was an otherwise intelligent man who studied politics and saw that something was dreadfully wrong — but refused to do ANYthing about it.

I will cite specifics when I pull the essay tomorrow but as I recall he believed that the movements had reached a certain critical mass and simply could not be stopped.

Orwell coined the term “QUIETISM” to describe his friend…..and it wasn’t intended as a compliment.

Because this is so specific (and I’d like for you to read the essay — and the book) – I will get the citation details uploaded to this article tomorrow.

But the phenomena fascinated me — I think there are A LOT of intelligent, good intentioned people in these United States that, for one reason or another, have signed off from the political process in varying degrees.

And I think A LOT of  those people are the types who would support limited government, checks and balances, and common sense viewpoints ….. like NOT making sex change options a higher priority than fixing the V/A who – under this administration – has obtained a legacy of ineffectiveness, corruption, and criminal negligence un-paralelled by any other goat-agency (that we KNOW of)……

So ask yourself – are you practicing quietism?
I was – for nearly 18 years at least.

This may be the single most critical juncture of US Politics and History where we NEED each and every sane / logical / limited govt type voice out there.

Find SOME way – no matter how small – to speak out, lobby your elected officials, get involved with a committee or political groups — If you consider yourself part of the body politic that believes in the same type of govt-limiting concepts as our founding fathers – THEN YOU ARE OVERWHELMINGLY IN THE MAJORITY




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