Hard to Name this Entry – Seems Like the Words “Treason” and “Stupidity” Should be in There tho’

Real Clear Politics Link

1/3/17 – Real Early

Happy New Year

Not that the attached article was surprising in any way, but the more I think about the audacity of an outgoing President  taking (seemingly) every measure possible to undermine the incoming President — the angrier and fed up I become with the Marxists that currently have sway over the “Democratic” party.

Since the election was called (what was it? Twice? Three times a lady?)  the Party of Marx, Lenin and Sanger have predictably alternated between heavy-hand-wringing, gnashing of teeth, mild violence and recounts that were accompanied with threats of physical violence in some cases (again, that appealing lack of appreciation for diversity of thought…yet another instance of the Marxists showing that they’re routinely guilty of the sins they ascribe to others).

So all that rocking of the proverbial boat isn’t terribly surprising given how the D-Party typically functions of late (but isn’t it more than a little creepy that we kind of expect the party members to act like entitled brats…..who seem to be more and more comfortable with using threats or actual violence as a means to an end?)

What’s really disturbed me about this Epic Hissy Fit is the lack of restraint shown by either Hillary Clinton or, more importantly, our outgoing President. Not only was there never any attempt to make calls for civility and show a little  class befitting of the Office of the President – this admin worked overtime to undermine the incoming, duly elected Commander in Chief. (when you stop and consider the actual illegal activities that their proposed-president committed – it’s paints a warped, disturbing picture of the ‘win at all costs…even if you have to break the law’ approach that’s in play..but after all, what’s breaking a few laws when you’re a Marxist hell bent on Revolution?)

But they couldn’t just stick to the regular script of using Media-Amplified G. Soros-Funded Rent a Mobs (OCCUPY DAS RECOUNT!!!) to destabilize and distort…..oh no,,,,they had to go and concoct a story about Russian Hacking and take one Big Red (Goose) Step closer to outright Sedition by attempting to call into question (and ultimately manipulate to their party’s benefit) the outcome of our election.

Comrades, that’s some serious  nastiness right there. But it fits with who they really are. After all, Marxism makes it clear that there’s no such thing as “Right” and “Wrong” (unless maybe you tell a man not to go into the women’s restroom – they’ll damn sure FIGHT YA over that one….)

If you watch == you should start to notice that the ‘Mask’ of the Marxists (and ultimately the D-Party which they now control) is slipping. They have become so accustomed to shutting down most of their opposition with the ridiculous name calling and/or suppression of contrarian views (see also: IRS vs Tea Party) – that they’ve just become arrogant, smug and no longer seem to care that it’s increasingly obvious that their vision of what this country should be – is night and day different than those of us that still see the wisdom in (and SHOULD INSIST UPON) limited government with checks and balances….a Constitutional Republic that defines and defends its borders,…I could go on with this line of thought but a) I’m deviating from my central point and b) I think this maybe the genesis of a new article anyway……just don’t be surprised if, in another 8-19 years, the Karl Marx Party takes even more radical steps in their platform and purposely alienates even more people.

So let’s get back to what these Dime-Store Communists have just tried to do…to be succinct, it was an attempted Coup D’etat.

They’ve trued just about everything short of open violent revolution to overturn our election results.

Please — PLEASE … if you take no other political action this year — stop and think about that for a minute.

This administration of Neo-Bolshevik Clowns went far and wide with their accusations against Russia without offering any tangible proof of their intensely damaging claims.

So they weren’t JUST undermining our incoming, elected President (and tacitly encouraging and arguably stoking the fires of anger and fear to, what they hoped would be, their ultimate benefit)- they also publicly blamed Russia.

And then – just to prove to everyone that Amateur Hour isn’t quite over yet. President Obama makes a media statement to the effect that “we” (who’s that? him and Val Jarrett?) will “respond” to Russia’s (imaginary) meddling in our DEMOCRATIC AFFAIRS (can you smell the hypocrisy? Are you starting to see how they’re often guilty of what they accuse others of? Once you start to notice that trend….you’ll be perfectly appalled at how consistent and frequent they are with it……like a powerful bowel movement that can’t be denied … or some other repetitive force of nature perhaps).

And JUST TO PUT A BIG RED CHERRY ON TOP OF THAT STEAMING DUNGHEAP — our outgoing President actually threatens Russia with retaliation  “At a time and place of our choosing…”

I’ve added a link to a USA Today Article that summarized how this admin also told the Russian leaders that, “the response may not be obvious. “Some of it may be explicit and publicized; some of it may not be,”

And THEN – in an instance or amazing bad timing and naked coincidence – the Russian Diplomat to Turkey was shot dead about a week (?) two weeks (? will confirm dates later( later….I’m sure our President was on the RED PHONE right away though making it clear that his covert/not covert planned response to the baseless allegations of “hacking” didn’t have any relationship what-so-ever to the untimely murder of their diplomat.

Link to USA-Today

And, last but not least, the freaking CIA and FBI go on record as supporting this dangerous game of cloak-dagger and idiot.

And why wouldn’t they? by this time you probably have healthy mix of Obama-Bill Ayers appointed department heads and outgoing career minded COWARDS who either didn’t want to rock the boat (by following laws and stuff) or perhaps DID speak up and were summarily removed from their positions (I believe history will show that this is how several flag grade officers were removed under this admin)


So this series of events has featured a breath taking display of arrogance, hypocrisy, mis-placed hostility, criminal-sociopathic behavior and (in my opinion) an organized (I may be giving them too much credit there) attempt to overturn a US election

The accusations and threats directed at Russia look like someone who’s either dangerously naive and arrogant ***OR*** someone who actually WANTS TO START A WIDER CONFLICT……..

No way, right?

PS: This admin is like having a family of drunken wolverines invade your tent….you’re not exactly sure where they came from or how they GOT that drunk and deliorious – but you HAVE to get the damn things out of the tent….and chances are…..there’s still some damage to be done and mayhem to be delivered before the beasts are kicked out.

(just ask Israel)

and now,,,,a peaceful picture of a fork in the road…..because that’s something I have to do here…..or I too, will tun the risk of acting like a drunken wolverine






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