Quick Hits – A Logical Inquiry About the Form of Government


1/9/17 (10:23pm)

It strikes me as funny that Marxists ride the wave of conflict to create change while ceaselessly pointing out the flaws in Capitalism. Of course they don’t stop there – they also are quite industrious about calling out the flaws (both real and imagined) of many historical figures – usually the ones who helped establish or promote non-Marxist establishments or institutions of course……..they’ve truly turned conflict and manipulation into a dark art-form and, when needed, a tool for repression or even terror.

There are two quick points I’d like to make about the inherent Marxist approach to using conflict as they do — especially here in the USA.

  1. They never quite get around to being open about their “founding fathers” (why not lay out what Marx, Engels, Stalin and others believed and taught? Won’t it stand up to DEMOCRATIC SCRUTINY?) or the very clear shortcomings, failings and even monstrous atrocities that can be laid at their feet.
    • Case in point – Marxists will organize to protest the University of Virginia because of the historical ties to Thomas Jefferson who owned slaves. Yet it’s clear that the University of Virginia has been an institution that has benefitted many – from all walks of life and from various backgrounds.
      • Yet the Marxists themselves enslaved millions the first chance they had – the very first time they seized the reigns of a nation via their promised Revolution …. what did THEY do??? They established a system of concentration camps that DWARFED what the Nazi’s had, they massacred untold millions and silences / repressed any divergent opinions via enslavement in the camps or exile.
        • Hows that for respect for diversity?
  2. Since both Marxists and non-Marxists (those who are being logical anyway) would generally agree that mankind has a history of abusing trust and power – and since it can be demonstrated that every race, creed and culture on this planet has done so when it had the opportunity….why would anyone in their right minds argue for a form of government that concentrates so much power in the hands of the few???
    • In fact this re-affirms the beauty (notice I didn’t say perfection) of the Constitutional Republic. Given the history of how we’ve treated each other over tine and across the planet — why WOULDN’T we want a form of government where power rests in a more balanced fashion and exists in a state of active checks and balances.

Keep those two points in mind the next time these ignorant (and sometimes genuinely hateful) ideological descendants of Marx try telling you about how they’re going to bring “JUSTICE” into the world (via a highly centralized gub’ment) and that Socialism (which Marx  clearly stated was only a temporary stage of evolution on the way to Communism…) is the path we must take to ensure peace and prosperity for all.

Citizens – listen to me very carefully on this one….These American Marxists should be held accountable just as we would hold a street preaching Neo-Nazi accountable ….their history is remarkably the same only the Marxists killed more people, ran more camps…..and are currently making a play for power in the US and elsewhere.

Final thought for the night (and here come two tangents for the price of one!!!!) – Marx taught that Capitalism would eventually implode after it had ‘exploited’ all possible markets.

I sat down to read a bit tonight and realized that the collapse of the US Dollar – if such a thing were to happen – would probably be the event that triggers that literal end of the Capitalist Era…..the US would be reeling and the world would need a replacement / reserve currency…..but maybe that’s an article for another day.

Have a nice night, I’m going to check on homework from the little people that live here and then play that gorgeous Fender Stratocaster.



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