Quick Hits – Bullets From a Former Marxist

1/9/17 (allegedly about 1:30am)

Outtakes from dissident Soviet author A. Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago”

The author was a committed red-army officer who was arrested and sent to Gulag….his extensive work on the nature of these concentration camps and the ideology behind them has been a tremendous eye-opener for me…..how have we been ALLOWED (encouraged?) to forget this???

  • In 1921…concentration camps were already in full flower
  • A professor of statistics  (Kurganov) estimated that from the October Revolution up until 1959 – a total of 66 MILLION LIVES had been claimed by the Marxist regime in the USSR
  • In August 1918, Vladimir Lenin wrote in a telegraph to Yevgeniya Bosh (and to another leadership committee) that the advised approach to dealing with peasants in revolt would be to :lock up all the doubtful ones” (not the guilty mind you) … “in a concentration camp outside the city” … and then…carry out merciless mass terror.
  • By the end of 1920 – there were already 84 such camps in 43 provinces.
  • In the 1930’s a new camp era began … based on the ideology that “we have to squeeze everything out of a prisoner in the first three months – after that we don’t need him anymore
  • It is known that they did not provide the workers … with extra clothes or footgear in the deep snow (I thought it was all ABOUT the workers???)
  • To illustrate how the ‘revolutionaries’ thought – there was a man named Uspensky who was born the son of a priest. Since he didn’t want to be subjected to the scrutiny that the Communists would bear down on him – and since he couldn’t change who his father was – he MURDERED his father and openly claimed to have done it out of “Class Hatred” – This was considered a healthy attitude and “almost not murder at all”….he was given a light sentence, rose in prominence in the camp and was quickly liberated.
    • Makes me wonder if we’ll ever see the Leftist’s “protected classes” get away with something similar in this nation [Winston]
  • In the summer of 1930 they brought to the Solovki camp a group of religious prisoners…..since they were deemed incompatible with Socialism,,,,it was decided that the best thing was for them to die.
  • During a single canal project – 100,000 people died during the winter of ’31-32.
  • State control and ownership of everything was paramount – one leader noted that “even the corpses of deceased prisoners belong to Gulag…and the location of the graves is top secret”
    • No inconvenient black and white newsreels to show the horror decades later as we’ve seen time and again with the Nazi’s [Winston]
  • Typhus broke out in one of the camps and in one short period 15,000 corpses were thrown into a ditch – curled up and naked, since even their underpants had been cut off for future use.

May they rest in peace and the lessons not be forgotten!

I will make this a new ‘quick hits’ series — excerpts from “The Gulag Archipelago” – provided here to illustrate what it can look like when a powerfully centralized government, who sees no right nor wrong, takes over completely….


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