That Bizarre Moment w/CSPAN – and other Russian Tales


Russian Hack?

A Russian Article on the Same

1/12/17 (About Time)

Honestly – why would “Russia” (and when the media says Russia — they seem to mean Putin…as in a ‘formal act of the State of Russia”) suddenly decide to “Hack” our media live like this?

There’s been an onslaught of American “PR” aimed at Russia for quite some time now (I’m   only thinking of the US / Western meddling in Syria type timeframe however)

As you know they were directly accused of interfering with our elections — both the CIA and FBI lined up behind Obama on this (can’t recall seeing any smoking guns from our Intel/Govt rep’s though….and Wikileaks says they know it wasn’t Russia…..)

So why would he press his luck right after that blowup — before his supposed confidant (President Elect Trump) even takes office?

Doesn’t that seem like an amateurish thing to do?

Or maybe this was just a tech-glitch….a really poorly timed one…….like the assassination of the Russian diplomat to Turkey right after our CINC threatened to “get back at Russia” over the supposed election hacks………..

Seems like a LOT of badly timed coincidences lately……I do agree that what happened here was evidence of an Amateur moment however.



PS: I’m seeing the chronic use of quotes too….right now it feels right though


More on the Syrian Conflict and some of the Angles there:

In my opinion – the Russians  bluntly called our bluff on “fighting terrorists” in Syria – this is another MAJOR area of current conflict between our governments.

I noticed that when we attacked within Syria you’d often hear vague references of who we hit and what damage was done. But ISIS and their affiliates never seemed to relent.

The Russians started bombing and citing stats on what they were hitting – they also openly noted that we weren’t trying very hard to knock out the oil infrastructure that ISIS was using to fund their efforts (and draw in new recruits).

They chided our desire to arm “The Moderate Muslims” in that area (which at one time admittedly included Al-Queda)  – and, in my opinion, decided to show the world what it would look like if you fought an enemy like ISIS in that region of the world.

They opened up and showed no mercy and now there’s a ceasefire……we somehow couldn’t stop the ISIS advance for months and months….does anyone else remember the news reports showing their advance through the (WIDE OPEN WITH CO COVER) deserts and into various towns until they seized a sizable chunk of Syria (and a bit of 1-2 other nations).

We sure were being out maneuvered by those guys.

Must have been the brand new Toyota trucks they had…..which of course wouldn’t be something our CIA or FBI could find out who funded…….I’m sure it’s complicated.

Now tonight were seeing Syria struck by Israel – Syria claims this will no go without a response.

A Russian Link

Israel Bombs Syria (US Link)

Seems that someone just won’t let Syria have peace – maybe this is the ultimate attempt to “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Wasre

Sure seems like we’re in for a bumpy ride to close out the Obama administration and bring in a new CINC.

There’s a historical parallel here with something called “The Great Game”

It was a colloquial term used to describe how the Brits and Russians were maneuvering and jockeying with one another internationally for resources / colonies

I have a fantastic book on the aftermath and repercussions of WW-1

It’s called “A Peace to End All Peace” by an Author named Fromkin — search up the details and get it. Highly recommended.

In there you’ll get more details on the idea

I believe this is just another inning in The Great Game ultimately – it’s hard to see outside interests in Syria  that are purely altruistic and I don’t have a naive view of Russia’s role in the world.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

Good evening,





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