The Hard Left Invades….Marxist Cultural Infiltration and Transformation in the U.S.

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1/13/17 (about 9:45)

As the sickness seems to abate within my household tonight I can’t help but think about the obvious sickness of the Marxist Left and how they’ve quietly alienation or turned their backs on certain segments of the “traditional Left”

Elsewhere I will probably go into more of a historical timeline and talk about migration of Cultural Marxists from (some of) the street/campus protests of the 1960’s — to multiple areas within the US Culture in subsequent decades…..the idea is to show how thoroughly they’ve driven into society’s critical institutions and HOW LATE IN THE REVOLUTION WE TRULY ARE…..

The Marxists quickly began to cement themselves in:

Academia (raising the next generations of Marxists and doing everything possible to recruit new adherents)

Unions (of course…it’s one of their original footholds since the USSR revolutions made sure that THE WORKERS were all welcomed into a new world of want, abject misery, total government control, and systematic suppression and extermination)

Civil Rights Groups (many great ideas co-opted into instruments of long term Revolution)

Various Organs of the Govt. (The IRS for example would never be used to stifle, suppress or harass any particular political groups…..right?)

The Media (entertainment + “news”)

Ultimately they became the majority voice in many of these places and we find that the Leftist message and identity begins to shift — almost year by year.

Finally, we start to see Marxist infiltration of non-traditionally Left groups like:

The Military (a military that will now place almost as much emphasis on punishing GI’s who have open Bibles or Judeo-Christian faith as they will the critical importance of supporting sex-change operations for GI’s that have decided that their sexual identity if the government’s job to fix….)

The Clergy (oh yes, and it’s brilliant how they’re doing it….if you’ve ever read “Island” by Aldous Huxley – you’ll get a fantastic description of how a native religion was marked for change so as to make it more universal — and centered on Man & nature rather than the original God)

Healthcare (ever took a close look at the Govt Programs under Bush to bring help to the “Mentally Ill”? Does ANYONE really like the idea of the Federal BY GOD Government deciding who’s mentally ill and who isn’t?????)

^^ NOTE: The two items above are creeping up to the line that I’ve drawn to not include any aspect of my faith (or lack there of) as a basis for asserting good ideas here. Regardless of what you believe or do not believe, it can be empirically demonstrated that the US Military has made strong efforts to adopt radical new positions on religion – than at any other time in history)

  • Also – I’m leaving those areas of influence as they are for now, I realize they’re begging for citations – and I’ve lined up some books to reference this evening – but right now…..I’m just talking to ya….and I believe these things are apparent if you’re honest and paying attention.

So all those areas of society — imagine if their voices, resources and goals essentially unite on many of the same political goals. Imagine if they were backed by nearly unlimited wealth of someone like a George Soros!


They’d be hard to counter wouldn’t they?

You’d almost wind up with a country where you woke up, drove to work (unless you’re a professional protestor), had lunch, ate, slept, prayed, paid taxes and made love — WITH A CONSTANT STREAM OF MARXIST THOUGHT STREAMING AT YOU FROM EVERY CORNER — ALL THE DAY LONG.

The message could be crafted so that it purposely changes over time and becomes more and more extreme in nature …. people are less likely to resist or even notice that way. Like the old adage of boiling the frog by first placing it in warrrrrrm water…….nice and comfy!

Totalitarianism with a velvet glove (most of the time anyway) ala Aldous Huxley.

That’s very close to what’s happening actually….that’s the direction the US is headed culturally.

Eventually I plan to address each of these areas in more detail — but not right here / right now.

Realize this — the idea of creating a vast network of networks like this – seemingly unrelated segments of society sharing a world view, geared towards transformation, with the stated intent of creating an entirely new human paradigm…..isn’t new at all.

Citing one of the creepiest books in my collection – “The Aquarian Conspiracy” (c)  1976 by Marilyn Ferguson – here are some US historical references to creating a whole New Order – check it out:

“Broader than reform, deeper than revolution this…conspiracy [edit – wait….what???] for a new human agenda has triggered the most rapid cultural re-alignment in history”

There are legions of conspirators…in corporations, universities, hospitals, on the faculties of public schools, in factories and doctors offices….” with the intent of “thrusting unto a new, higher order”

[edit – doesn’t some of the verbiage align with G. Bush Sr’s speeches that gave is the term NEW WORLD ORDER? Didn’t he say many of the same things? A new way of doing things — thousand points of light…..he said it at a juncture in US History where I fear most people only looked for a superficial meaning. At the time we have coalition of Western, Arab and Jewish military forces aligning against Saddam Hussein in Iraq……many thought Mr Bush was just talking about this cool new military endeavor.

I believe he was thinking on something of a higher order — and looking down the road a bit **

^ Isn’t this interesting? The book goes on to read like a game plan on how to change everything and noting how:

“Roles, relationships, institutions, and old ideas are being reexamined, reformulated, redesigned”:

Left with that you could infer that this book was just another post-hippy era vision for ONENESS with our granola and singed draft cards…..

But the book gets deeper and more interesting as you go — soon they get more specific as well. It becomes obvious that this isn’t a group of limited government types finding a new way to bring about a stronger country for the benefit of the most people…it starts to read a lot like a religious cult.

Which, in part, is that the typically atheist Marxists will eventually have to support. OK – now THATS a tangent and for now I’ll just say (as this book does) that mankind living in harmony must not throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to Faith,

They aren’t endorsing any specific religion of course – but they admit that man must be centered  upon  nature and open to / promoting transcendence…….transformation (please start noticing where and how often that word is used in an “official capacity” by the way….)

This reminds me of some of the historical statements / stances from non-religious Leftists who also rejected strict Marxist materialism…..people like Maxim Gorky, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell didn’t have a traditional religious faith in the center of their lives.

However they discussed or openly admitted facts such as – mankind is at its best when there’s a reason to strive above that which you can see, feel, touch – they acknowledged that man NEEDS something to worship …. some calling or purpose higher than himself.

Right now, America’s ‘public discourse’ and many expressions of cultural identity — are  dominated by the Marxist / mostly atheist Left. They are constantly rapping on conflict, vilifying certain segments of the population and elevating others…..but they aren’t spending a lot of time on talking about man’s spiritual role…..not yet anyway — I AM CERTAIN THAT WILL COME NEXT HOWEVER……but I digress….

The idea of a transformational network of networks that would change our culture was discussed, planned and even celebrated before it started to take root…….we can chalk this up, of course, as another one of those whacky coincidences we’ve been mentioning recently.

So the people and institutions that were planning this “Aquarian Conspiracy” also saw grave danger in ‘the Old Ways’. They made it a point to note that they would use their “widespread outposts of influence to focus on the dangerous myths and mystiques of the old paradigm”

It’s a fascinating book to read though – if anyone’s ever seen the movie “Rosemary’s Baby” or “The Devil’s Advocate”, then you are probably familiar with the moments in those GREAT films where someone suddenly realizes that they only THOUGHT they understood the people and institutions around then… the end, it turns out they were surrounded by members of a type of underground movement (in these films – both were Satanic)….that moment of realization and dawning horror is a great element to both films.

And as crazy as you may think this sounds — I believe we’re going to have some moments like that in this country. Maybe they’ll be obvious – maybe not.

But I’ve used the term “unmasking” before to describe how the Marxist elements that are now controlling the US Left — are increasingly unafraid to hide who they are.

Goals, ideas and beliefs that would have been whispered behind closed doors maybe 20 years ago — are now part and parcel of the TRANSFORMATION that’s essentially being forced upon America……

Which means — you should be thinking about what we’d never imagine possible — that will certainly be foisted upon us in another 5 years? 10 years?

How about some predictions?

Since the sexual revolution can’t quite seem to be quenched … and since transsexualism is now openly promoted / supported.

Why not a movement to repeat the age of consent?

Would it be remotely possible to see a “cultural” movement in the US that wants to normally Pedophilia?

Surely not right? SOMEONE will introduce constraint, right?

What about trans-humanism? Mixing human beings with better and better artificial “aids” (maybe they’re technological items inserted under our skin….maybe they’re genetically modified organic tissues….)

What about creating pre-destined “Alphas” (intelligent / upper class) and “Gammas” (not so smart – genetically altered to love only grunt work)

What about celebrating euthanasia? I can see it now — celebrations and last day festivals for those wise elder souls who have decided to voluntarily embrace death so that our precious Environment can be saved…..


Is it even remotely possible that we’d introduce concentration camps on US Soil?

These things all seem a bit silly to some of you — probably sound like “fear porn” from yours truly…..but I firmly believe they are examples of the next type of steps a Marxist type government – if left unrestrained – WOULD TRAKE,

Many of those things have happened before – and people really didn’t see it coming then either.

So this article morphed and bent and finally ended echoing thoughts of what I had intended to write as two separate articles….but oh well…..there’s always a chance to go into one or the other in more detail later.

Still have some outlines to get online tonight and ideas for future articles as well.



** Quick comment to note that there are many who believe that the two broad divisions within our govt are seen on the Left as well as the Right and that BOTH are seeking a time of transformation…..I believe this is logical but haven’t researched it very much.

Some cite the Bush/Cheney/Project for a New American Century style approach to remaking the world in the image of the US and our latest brand of hyper-capatialism

Others see the Left as seeking a realignment of nations around an international body Like the UN – with the US (and other nations) laying down coveregnigy and national identify for a global government etc.

Interesting ideas – and there’s lots of reading and creepiness on each side — but beyond the scope of what I am ready to discuss here.






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