Quick Note on Why I Support Trump


1/13/17 (Counting Down ….)

Why I support Trump — and am hoping he stays the course

I don’t believe this guy is an angel

I don’t believe he’s even traditionally what we could call a “Conservative”

But I DO Believe that he sees the Marxist school of thought and Political movements for what they are — and genuinely wants to oppose them

I may be proven wrong on this – but that’s where i am today.

I think he’s someone who will fight to strengthen the sovereign, national state of our Republic and will not be someone that Wall St (or others) can bribe along the way.

I think he stands against the One-World Order types that are represented by Soros, the Bushes and Clintons (among many others)

I think that’s what’s making him such a marked man

THATS why so much is being thrown at him…..and he’s the TYPE of leader we’d need in office to counter the progress that the One Worlders had made under recent President Admin’s

The true Intelligentsia that would be planning something LIKE a US Economic Collapse (Cowherd Piven Strategy – look it up) followed by the emergence of a “One World Order” type system …. those people don’t give two HOOTS IN HELL about your skin color, your ‘race’, whether you’re a boy that kisses a boy or a boy that kisses a girl……they care about what they’ve ALWAYS cared for



the Means of Production


Those are the goals — the Vanguard Political groups they’re using are only a means to an end

And I think they were as shocked by the Trump election as I was…….

Only they’re not nearly as happy…

Gute Nacht mein freunden!

zwei und zwei ist immer vier!



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