A Note to (Leftist) Fence Sitters


^^ Do you think that guy saw the world in shades of gray? Or did he MAYBE have some “absolutes” in mind????

1/14/17 Edit: “Fence sitters” is intended to illustrate the precarious position for some people within the D-Party who harbor some forms of “conservative” values (or perhaps just Logic on the issues). It was not intended to insinuate that they somehow need to cross over to the R-Party in order to be in a better position. However my hope is that they at least say / do something to counter the Marxists that have highjacked that party.


Friday the 13th seems to have been a fertile day for writing – got lots to unload I guess

Memo to those on the Left who KNOW something is not right with your D-Party.

You see it / you can feel it and maybe some of you can even put your finger on some of what’s happening.

It’s not that dissimilar when limited government types like me realized with dawning horror that G. Bush was not only a BAD President – but his administration was also getting away with erecting some of the most draconian legislation ever created in the US (thinking about elements of the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and the President’s Commission on Mental Health to name a few…._

Suddenly there were a lot of us that knew– something was REALLY wrong.

So if you are traditionally someone who votes for the D-Party and you happen to be black. You may be noticing that there’s not a lot of room for your voice if you are a person of Judeo-Christian faith….or maybe you aren’t necessarily affiliated with a religion BUT you are someone who doesn’t believe in the Marxist approach to rejecting ANY form of right / wrong other than what your political party agrees to.

Maybe you’ve noticed that voting for these jack-legged jokers hasn’t done much for your lot in most areas?

Maybe you’ve noticed that the Marxist left LOVES THEM SOME PLANNED PARENTHOOD — and they LOVE making sure that inner city areas are well equipped with abortion on demand type facilities……all courtesy of one of America’s most outspoken, sick racists ever (MARGARET SANGER OF COURSE……see my article on her Right here!))

In fact, I’ve known and heard from black friends (as well as some public figures on certain radio stations) who were quite put out when the GLBTQ movement used the model of Civil Rights to apply to their movement … and demands.

You may have noticed that “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t represent you if you are perhaps -in favor of keeping the actual structure of our government in place and maintaining the checks and balances that a Republic can provide….if you happen to notice that slavery is still alive and well and that there might be more value in confronting slavery that’s perpetuated by Boko Haraam…..or the Chinese Govt….then YOU DO NOT QUITE FIT INTO THEIR FUTURE!!!

If you are Hispanic / Latino – the Marxist Left really wants to agitate you into anger (that goes for many people actually). They love the idea of breaking all known laws and sensible approaches to border management so they can ‘protect illegal immigrants’.

They love the idea of USING YOU to help smash the U.S. system of welfare — it’s called the Cloward Piven Strategy  and they’ve been working it hard for quite some time.

I have to tell you – they don’t care about you or your families.

If you are like me and believe that the strongest family unit ever created — is a man married to a woman, working together to raise their kids. Then you aren’t going to be on their list of favorites very long. It used to be common to cite the nuclear family as the organizational unit on which all of “western society” was based / supported….now that would be called hate speech depending on where you say it.

You see – there’s NO #*(@#*(!@!  room for any other authority but their coming ALL KNOWING GOVERNMENT.

If you are gay but don’t like the idea of abortion on demand – or maybe you also (GASP!!!) believe that the U.S. needs to be3more conservative financially — then you are also on the fringes. You are not going to be as welcome as you may think……if history is any indicator – your time for learning this (from the powers that be anyway) will come at a later date….they need unchecked unity for now.

Women who do not accept the tripe from the Marxists about marriage being tantamount to slavery and is an outmoded institution (that originally comes from the co-author of the Communist Manifesto by the way — Frederick Engles)…..the vast # of women who know this to be untrue – aren’t really in alignment with the Marxist ideal either.

Just know that Communists / Marxists have openly talked about how they ‘switch masks’ (or allegiance) throughout history in order to better suit themselves…..

just as sure as they helped the Nationalist Chinese and then stabbed them in the back…..

Just as sure as the Communists started putting Socialists to death in Soviet Russia shortly after the Revolution….

I am equally sure that there are a lot of hopeful (and probably plenty of well meaning) people who currently align with the Left………..who are slated to be Left Behind if the Marxist dream ever becomes a reality in this nation.

They don’t care about you.

They like to pretend as if they’re the ONLY PEOPLE who care about you.

But what they care about is the same as it’s always been…..




….once those are fully seized — you won’t have to wait long before their full identity becomes apparent…..they’re not a very tolerant people…..


Book-ended Karl Marx pic’s

PS: I read that he not only let 1 or 2 of his own kids starve to death while we worked on his every-important theories…..but he also had another child commit suicide later in life…..I’m just saying……..the man couldn’t manage his family in any way that any of us would want — but the entire portfolio of our nation’s resources and our public conduct should be modeled after his teachings??????

Give me a break — 

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