No One Would Really PURPOSELY Try to Break our Institutions…..WOULD They?

1/14/17 (2am I think)


The title of this article is a rhetorical question — OF COURSE Marxists would use their known / recognizable methods to break traditional American institutions

Just remember – no matter how much they harp on and on about social issues — those are all just tools.

Justice / Equality / Helping You Better Understand Whether You Should Relate More to an Inney or an Outie……..they just use those arenas as the place to breed conflict and gather (increasingly angry) recruits.

Their goals are two fold — they want to get their hands on:





those are the big goals, friends

and in the contest of the US I believe it means a lot more,

it would probably mean the once foretold Great Collapse of Capitalism…..Marx essentially predicted that Capitalism would run out of markets, eventually alienate the workers and lose their trust, and that people would essentially EVOLVE into Socialism and then ultimately – COMMUNISM

But as that progressed – Capitalism would ultimately collapse and it’s era would end.

If there’s any possibility of our experiencing something like that – it would happen after the US Dollar collapses and the world is forced to come up with a new reserve currency.

People / nations – are already turning away from our dollar to be sure.

But an outright collapse that would cause OPEC to have to come up with a new way to price and sell oil……now that’s a big freakin deal, Cap’n Tripps.

So – back to the original question,

Would they PURPOSELY crash the US Economy in order to further this goal?
Hells to the YES they would — I think if the general sense was that no one would be clear on what really happened – and maybe a war would come along soon after to help divert attention (which would almost certainly happen) — then yeah,

Why wouldn’t they use conflict to bring about the change they ultimately want to see?

The final victory for Socialism / Communism, right?

It’s actually – probably for the first time since  Marx and Engels spewed out their Manifesto…….closer to being possible than ever before,

Please read up on the Cloward Piven strategy — this was openly proposed by Leftists at Columbia Univ as a way to overload the US Welfare system, destroy it, and then create something new from the ashes……something more like what they wanted.

CP Strategy-Wikipedia Link

So — now go back and think about the kinds of comments you hear from people like Hillary ….. “never let a good crisis go to waste”…..things like that start to take on a whole new meaning if you’ve always thought that they GENERALLY want the same things most of us want – to include a strong, independent country…….that’s NOT what they want…..and many of us…..are either in the way…..or just so many untermensch to them…..

I don’t know about you – but people who feel the need to destroy stuff — and endanger the lives of so many people (in the case of the welfare system it would be people they SAY they champion)……just to create something new…..and better…….those are scary people who are probably one step from walking around in the park and talking to themselves while wearing a Benito Mussolini uniform.






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