Acting Like the Victim While they Attack


1/19/17 (too late)

This is something that’s a hallmark of American Marxists – they are VERY GOOD at painting themselves as the victim — even as they openly attack someone / something.

They’ll basically either claim that the person who’s actually under attack:

  • Deserves it for some vague reason (usually more emotional and less concrete)
  • Is a member (or merely represents) of a class that has enjoyed special privileges for too long, has done a lot of harm and therefore — had this coming.
  • Or they may just cover up the attack and not talk about it so that it’s not in the forefront of your mind.

Recent examples that come to mind are how many Trump supporters were called racist, ignorant, pigs….and worse…..and sometimes attacked

I don’t recall seeing legions of Trump voters hitting the streets and kicking ass anywhere….but the violence and intimidation started early (and shows NO SIGNS of abating) from the Marxists running the D-Party.

And here’s another good one — we talk about Russia destabilizing things as we:

  • Topple country after country in the Middle East
  • Have a President for the first time EVER – that was at war for every day he was in office
  • Buildup military hardware on Russia’s borders

For example here’s the outgoing VP talking about how Trump threatens THE WORLD ORDER and undermines NATO

(NATO which is adopting a threatening posture on Russia’s borders right NOW)


Isn’t it funny how he kind of sounds like Bush Sr with his NEW WORLD (LIBERAL) ORDER!!!!!

Did anyone else catch the speech our VP gave to graduating cadets at the USAF Academy? He told them that one of the most (if not THE most) important things they’ll ever do …. is promote / defend THE NEW WORLD ORDER……well how about that?

Here’s a link by the way — isn’t it funny how he doesn’t sound all that different than some people in that other party ?? (The one that invented the term NEW WORLD ORDER)

Biden Showing Some Cards


Behold – The Bluejay…they’re nice took at – but tend to be squawking bullies.

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