Capture – Recent Examples of Marxist Conflict At Work


1/19/17 – a work in progress – the intent is to capture examples of how the Karl Marx crowd are driving conflict and violence over the course of the inauguration period.

In some cases I’m sure we’ll see people who knew what they were doing and why

In others I think you’ll see a sort of mindlessness that’s been allowed to flourish….with predictable results

Let’s start with these two recent items:

Example 1 – Another man threatening to KILL our incoming President — gets arrested (and look  who he knows): 

Zero Hedge Link

Example 2 – gang of violent youth beat a mentally handicapped person and taunt with racist slurs

Time Magazine Link

Example 3 – The Soros funded auto-mobs have been deployed to D.C. More conflict from Team Marxist…..the fun thing will be to watch how DETERMINED the media will be to never call them out for rioting (or God forbid – engaging in actual violence)

Zero Hedge Reports

Example 4 – Madonna letting us know that this is the most scared she’s even been (9/11 wasn’t scarier than this? Hell, your last 3 or 4 or 7 music releases weren’t scarier than this???) — also urging noting that this is as low as we can go as a country and now “we” face the decision to either start destroying or creating — for the sake of something new……hey, does anyone know if she’s still officially a Kaballah Cult member?

Cause that’s who I want advising my political sensibility

The Daily Beast Link

Example 5 (and I’ll may stop with this one since there’s no end to it….):

The recent women’s march in D.C. was another great example of Bolshevik style agitation pretending to be a group of SUDDENLY disenfranchised women.

The truth is – this was a Leftist movement and they do not speak for all women.

If data had been gathered from all attendees I am willing to bet my Fender Strat that somewhere around 90% of those marching were pro-abortion-at-any-point-in-pregnancy…….avid fans of the racist institution of Planned Parenthood….and 98% D-Party voters.

Within the same “breath” of this moment you have Madonna (she’s funny) talking about ‘blowing up the White House” etc …..because you see…..that’s what all women want ( least we finally know…)

This wasn’t a “Women’s March” — ask a real woman who thinks for herself about the economy and security of this nation. Ask her if she’s more concerned about seeing 22 of our sons and daughters killing themselves every day……or the recent inauguration D. Trump.

I was SHOCKE to see how a Leftist Billionaire who wants to remake the World in his image — made sure this “movement” was well funded…..

I. Am. So. Gosh-Darned. Surprised.

Soros is a Little Helper!

Maybe this is your “one little thing” this week — don’t let people describe this moment as if it were:

a) Truly representative of women (not even the majority) in this coutnry

b) Spontaneous – as opposed to yet another fake, Soros funded, scene of street agitation

c) intellectually honest — how can you be THAT put out by a President this @%$#!! soon???

The fact that these Leftist groups aren’t even going to let the man have a shot at it — tells you all you need to know about what they REALLY think about diversity and inclusion and respect for others etc…..typical lying / double speak from a group of people who are doing nothing more than serving another set of wealthy white men (like Soros and other “New World Order types”

NY Times Link




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