Quick Hits – Who Interfered Again?

1/19/17 (late)

So with all the talk about how the Russians supposedly “hacked” into the election…..I can’t help but notice the glaring lack of equal time given to these election influencing items that popped up at various times throughout the cycle.

I will consider going back and getting links but:

a) I’m sure most of you know these things were happening and probably recall SOME media reference to them

b)  You can probably find your own links – I know that I’m not saying anything here that’s so egregious that someone would immediately retort with PROVE IT CHUMP!! THATS JUST CRAZY TALK!!!

c) It’s late and i don’t feel like it at the moment….

So … while we’re still talking about things that influenced the election what about

  1. The Saudi Arabian money that was poured into Frau Clinton’s war chest….no complaints from the Marxists on how those Saudi’s behead, enslave, belittle and manipulate people…..not to mention how they flew planes into our big buildings and what not.

  2. The dead voters that were popping up early (and later?) in the election — all voting Democrat. That’s not an influence worth checking on? I mean ……there’s either an award winning medical thesis in there about how they got to the polls…..OR….criminal activity was committed in an attempt to get Frau Clinton into office……..did anyone ever get arrested for that noise????

  3. People who aren’t citizens…..voting……WHAT _ THE – $#*Y#)*&^#!!! ????

I want to dwell on #3 for a bit….how does ANYONE condone that?
Is that really a precedent we want to set?

Couldn’t the Republicans just start getting Sundanese and Mongols to vote for them?

(Two people groups picked entirely at random….but you REALLY should read about the history of the empire that the Mongols once had.)

I know I’m missing a lot of other stuff…..busing people to polls with church buses (but no ‘separation’ arguments if they are going to vote for the Marxists)…intimidation and violence in some locations for anyone even wearing a Trump shirt…..

Shameless…..all great examples of attempted election rigging right under our noses — that NEEDS TO BE PART OF THE DIALOGUE

Here’s a Russian link where they’re saying that our election was skewed – Russian PM Lavrov makes the case that the actual cheating / rigging …. was happening on the other side

Russian Link

Another Russian Link Reminding Us About How Western Media Can Be Utterly Insane


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