You Must Adopt New Words

1.18.17 (Later)

I had this article in mind as a concise / “Quick hits” type piece that would focus on ONE SMALL thing…..briefly describe the issue, maybe infuse a historical reference and then make a quick. practical recommendation on something we can ALL do to make a difference …
Then I decided to start experimenting with the pages / layout of the blog and somehow sent the original article in a weird “no mans land” of my own Blog-World…….yeah….I’ve not got the hang of it quite yet. Thanks to Possum tonight for (among other things) very good advice on the layout of this site….so changes are coming to the look and layout and, this article, is added back to the Blog-section where it belongs:


Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) had a lot to say in regards to political language, and how it informs and changes the way we think (and ultimately behave).
The book I’m recommending is called “All Art is Propaganda” and the essay that I’m currently thinking about is called “Politics and the English Language

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Here’s one way he describes the link between the words we use – and how we think:

“It [The English Language…] becomes ugly and in accurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.”

Words matter – in politics they matter enough that they’re continuously crafted into weapons.

Orwell reminds us of a few things in this article – and even in this excerpt.

We have to be vigilant about the words people use in politics.
That sounds simple but I’m always amazed at the number of people who automatically assume that when they hear any of the following words (and score more like them):

  • Peace
  • Democracy
  • Equality
  • Fair Share (as in paying their fair share….)
  • Victim
  • Violence
  • Diversity

A great example from history is how the Soviet Union – throughout much of the Cold War – always insisted that they only wanted…..”peace”

Well — they couldn’t have been all THAT bad then, right?

Well, once you stripped away the propaganda and got right down to it … their definition of “Peace” was a world absent of any resistance to Communism….OH…..I see (hopefully you do too …. don’t make assumptions – have a dialog!)

But back to the main point of the short article that I’ve already misplaced, lengthened and edited several times more than any other…..

Marxism is the word that people need to learn.

And understand why it should be considered synonymous with the historical horrors of the Nazi’s.

Everything the Nazi’s did to be considered the monsters they were — was also performed by the Marxists in Soviet Russia (I’ve yet to even touch on China and other Communist Slave States)…the biggest differences between them is that:

  • What the Nazi’s did is always put in front of you – we are not allowed to forget (and I think there are many good reasons for that!)
  • Another major difference is that the Socialists / Communists, following Marxist teaching – had concentration camps in place before Hitler was in power….
  • …and they ended up having A LOT More camps than the Nazi’s ever did…..and they ran them for A LOT longer
  • Some estimates state 66 million exterminated in those camps and elsewhere as we essentially looked the other way….in the name of peace

The loudest voices driving the Democratic party right now…..are Marxists

They are unashamedly using Marxist tactics that includes threats of violence. suppression of diverse thoughts, and (increasingly) actual violence and terror tactics……just like their Bolshevik forefathers did in early 20th Century Russia.

You have to understand that, unless opposed, they are not going to stop or back down.

In fact, the intimidated, apathetic, unorganized and easily manipulated masses that WOULD oppose them (if their intentions were laid bare) – are inciting more aggression from the far left because they’re giving so much ground without a fight.

When activists tell you that your children don’t belong to you – and that they belong to “them” or “The system”……that’s a reason to stand up and push back.

When open racist tactics are used to “drive equality” or “Make up for the sins of the past” — and you start to see overt racist violence excused……you have to understand that it’s time to speak up… doesn’t make you a racist whatsoever. It shows that you care enough to push back on the fact that RACIAL TENSION is being used by the Marxists to DIVIDE AND CONQUER…….

You are seeing an incoming President being openly subverted by the opposition … even the outgoing President has broken rank and done things that no other President has ever done before — openly challenging the legitimacy of the incoming President in a way that’s tantamount to Subversion.

So – until they come back to their senses and the current “Left” tones it down, starts acting like we’re all on the same team, and maybe listens to moderate Democrats and other people who are just FED UP …. until that happens you have to start calling them what they are…

They are not The Left

They are not Liberals

Those words tell you NOTHING

THEY ARE MARXISTS – and they are using class warfare (as they’ve always done) in order to attempt to seize Capital and the Means of Production.

When you digest what makes a Marxist And when you see that their history of extermination and slavery is worse than the Nazi’s You have to come to the conclusion that this Country — is under attack.

You are not a bigot for defending the Family against social engineering – let by people who ultimately want to destroy the family so we’re all EQUALLY DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT ((Read Marx’s co-author of the Communist Manifesto – F. Engels. This is one of the premier sources of thought for modern Marxists)

Start calling them what they are:

So be conscious of the conversation you may have tomorrow, or next week… a little extra reading (or continue to visit this site as I add more and more content) so that you have a “101 Level” understanding of what Marxists believe and how they tend to behave politically….

Once you see how rightly the American “left” fits the definition and behavior patterns – you’ll soon realize we are NOT ON THE SAME PAGE…..nor are we seeking the same type of things in the nation’s future.

Be fearless — but do so in good candor.

But DO NOT let intimidation and shallow name calling exile you to the sidelines!!!



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