Quick Hits – Listen to their Words Closely – Push for Clarity!



Der Spiegel Link


Among other things, you’re telling me that Trump is ushering in a New World Order?

As opposed to Bush Sr, Little Bush and VP Biden who all repeatedly used THE TERM NEW WORLD ORDER to describe their goals…..where were you then??

And Trump is a threat to “democracy”


I mean….since we voted for him in an honest election that was checked and double checked…..I guess I can understand why that would make you think we were’t being democratic about it……….(what. the. &^#%!???)

OR maybe we have different definitions of DEMOCRACY???

Know and understand that the Left uses words differently from the average person. The sooner you realize that we aren’t on the same page — at ALL — the sooner you can start doing something about it (even if it’s just “one little thing” and challenging others on how they define things like “democracy” etc)….

This is a perfect place to drop a George Orwell quote.

The book is called “All Art is Propaganda” and the essay I’m quoting is called “Politics and the English Language”

“The words democracy, socialism, patriotic, freedom, realistic, justice have each of them several different meanings which can not be reconciled with one another. In the case of a word like Democracy not only is there NO AGREED DEFINITION but the attempt to make one is resisted on all sides.”

[emphasis mine]

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