Quick Hits – Dissolve NATO?


1/23/17 (early morning’ stuff)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established to provide a common defensive stance (as well as escalation protocols) for a group of Western aligned European Nations (+ The USA) early in the Cold War.

The “Eastern” / Communist bloc analog was the Warsaw pact.

Basically both sides were saying, “if you attack one of us, you attack all of us – and we collectively have the right to respond military to that aggression”

NATO made sense in a world where tanks from opposing militaries sometimes squared off in Berlin, a world where the Cuban missile crisis took us to DEFCON 2 (only time in the US’s history) and right to the doorstep of a nuclear exchange with the USSR and their Warsaw pact satellite nations.


The Berlin wall came down in 1989 and the Warsaw pact dissolved in 1991.

History.com Link

Since NATO existed to counter a threat from team Warsaw — it seems to make sense that NATO started to become obsolete somewhere about the same time…about 25 years ago.

But NATO ultimately decided to expand and bring in new members.

Recently NATO nations have been conducting military maneuvers on Russia’s doorstep (those darn Russian aggressors) with US combat troops joining in on the posturing – those links are in several of my articles here and easily available on line.


President Trump has questioned the usefulness of NATO and now some people (ironically on the Left) in Germany are as well

Here’s an article from Russia Times where they show some of the German debate in reference to the defunct organization.

Here’s the link to Russia Times as well:

Russia Times Link

“NATO must be dissolved and replaced by a collective security system including Russia,” Wagenknecht told Germany’s Funke media group on Tuesday. NATO has received its fair share of criticism in the German media following US President-elect Donald Trump’s recent interview published by Bild, in which he called NATO an “obsolete” organization.

So – I don’t see how anyone justifies the existence of NATO  anymore.

Aside from the more recent blundering deployments (“Atlantic Resolve”) – it just doesn’t pass the smell test. Why NOT have Germany and France (etc) address their specific security concerns ad hoc?

Or maybe they can design new (and more limited / more focused) regional military alliances that would server them better?

Those might actually turn out to be military organizations with a clearer mandate – and less ties to US Funding to boot.

I hope that exiting NATO is on President Trump’s action item list….however I like the approach of addressing our back earth first and re-setting NAFTA first (which he’s stated he will do).

Have a wonderful evening and an even more wonderful Monday!

Love, Winston

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