Madonna Making Terroristic Threatening COOL Again….

..and now she’s getting investigated for it


a) You can’t just go around doing something like that – especially after 9/11

b) You have to have a lot of INTOLERANCE and BIGOTRY and CLOSE MINDEDNESS to want to do something like that because you don’t like who won the election (or the ones who voted for him)

c) Darnit…..she just almost seems like she MEANS it……maybe there’s a limit to the range of Diverse thoughts that people on the Left will actually consider or TOLERATE

d) I wonder if she would have been upset if Hillary had won … and continued to accept all that SAUDI MONEY and whatnot….given their stance on social issues, the Role of Women, etc etc…….I’m SURE she would have been in the streets and letting her voice be heard about that dirty, filthy money that backed Hillary….and the illegal voting…and the hypocrisy on waging war and arming “moderate muslims” like her predecessor…....

e) Another Appropriate Reminder That the March Was Largely a G. Soros Funded Event and Not “Grass Roots” – Nor Do They Represent ALL WOMEN

I’m CERTAIN that Wanna-Be-Kaballah-Witch would have been just as adamant about the government heeding THE PEOPLE as she’s recently been with this brand new Administration……

She’s such a civic minded, end of career entertainer that she probably would have made an equally threatening statement at all the documented CRIMINAL behavior from Frau Hillary…..

Maybe the best outcome in all this would be for the (fittingly Capitalistic) “unseen hand” of concert goers and music consumers — to make it a POINT to drop her products (musical as well as ideological) and find someone else to entertain them — someone that’s not so Terroristic, Hateful, and CLOSE MINDED……plus she just gives me the willies…….

I think that would be a great idea (and folks would start right after she emerges from being detained and questioned by Secret Service…

See that guy down there.….the one that looks like a militant figure from an old “Mario game”??? He’d be very proud of Lady Madonna today…….

Gute Nacht

With Conviction.




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