Uh-Oh…Did That Just Happen (Hello NWO)…..?


1/23/17 (Very Late in the Day)

Zero Hedge Link

Reuters Link

Don’t look now but a long standing political PLANK of the Democratic hull – is seeing more benefit from President Trump in his first week than they did  in 8 years of that last guy…..

Goodness – good ideas are winning over the Pseudo-Theocratic Narrow Minded Marxism of the Left….

He’s literally de-constructing the various apparatus (and possibly organizations soon as well)  that were being used to build portions of the Globalist New World Order.

  • NOTE: I realize that’s a term that makes some people look at you like you’re a fruitcake. But since the term was given to us by a sitting US President and repeated over the years by various politicians and political figures (in fact – you can see H. Kissinger on live TV saying that President Obama’s task was to BUILD A NEW WORLD ORDER –>  He’s Supported Both Parties and LOVES the NWO

Do you see why Biden and others were  specifically referring to how Trump is a threat to the “New World Order”?

Jo-Jo Biden Loves Him Some New World Order

REALLY Loves the NWO – Wanted the US Military (Your Taxes) to BUILD IT

….and why would that outcry appeal to the average American anyway??

Who votes for a President based on “does that person support the New World Order”?


(not rationally thinking people anyway – it certainly doesn’t seem to be in favor the Trumps’ new friends – the US Labor Unions)

Retired V/P Biden was decrying the threat to the NWO because it’s what he’s given his career and life for.

That stance is quite similar to Papa Bush back in the early 90’s when we first started hearing the term “New World Order” from our  Commander in Chief

This US President BIRTHED the Term – New World Order

The Russians  have gotten into the NWO mood as well as Putin noted that Trump’s election is a defeat to the New World Order:


Bur what’s even funnier — is that the term “New World Order” is suddenly so accessible …  I mean here are the Germans saying that TRUMP is starting a New World Order.

Der Spiegel Online

And of course – even though he didn’t mention it many times that I can recall – our outgoing Marxist President saluted and welcomed the coming New World Order

Wait – Obama Was a NWO guy too?

So – there are two take aways here (for me anyway)

  1. Don’t let anyone ever ridicule you for mentioning this political phenomena. They’re referring to Supra-National Government – a very real international system that  was emerging to replace an “old order” as President Obama specifically said.
  2. It might be the biggest reason I am loving the Trump Admin’s early moves…it may also be the single best reason for the traditional/moderate “Left” and “Right” in the US to UNITE on supporting a Leader who’s emphasizing National Sovereignty, a Strong Economy and less “Interdependence”

Final thoughts:

  • When the infrastructure of these Globalist style trade agreements and organizations start to be re-negotiated (NAFTA…NATO next?) or torn down (TPP) and the major US labor unions start to defect from their traditional Democrat political partners – you can rest assured that this conflict is about to go super-nova……the George Soros’ of the world and others who support that type of international / Socio-Marxist thinking — aren’t going to have come this far and not given up without a serious fight
  • I don’t believe most Americans realize where we stand in history…my opinion is that the Obama Admin was the most clear manifestation of an ongoing Revolution that had been occurring slowly in this nation….The Trump Admin (at least the way things stand right now) – is the first legitimate opposition President we’ve had since perhaps — Reagan? The Trump Admin, in fact, is a Counter-Revolutionary Administration
  • I believe the  Marxist Intelligentsia have a tremendous amount of arrogance and intolerance for a Republic that was designed to have clear limits on government…and I believe they have been pumping a steady stream of poisonous hatred into the hearts and minds of those who would align themselves within the “working class” and :”professional protest-rioter” ranks….there’s NO WAY they go quietly from this when Team NWO was so close to achieving great (and perhaps irreversible) success…..

I’m not on here to make predictions – that’s one of my stated  limitations on the intro pages — but we should EXPECT to see increased (and well stoked/funded) unrest and open violence (didn’t we already have someone say the White House should be blown up??) from the Marxists and their useful idiots (as well as their misguided / well intentioned but ignorant supporters)

It’ll probably come from all corners as the Marxists have infected so many corners of our culture….and it’s their M.O. to unleash a ‘shock and awe’ style attack on someone like this that’s a real threat to them…..

in fact I fully expect the Left to continue to accuse the Normal People of what they’re most guilty of…..watch for “Trump Supporters” or someone / some organization associated with Mr Trump —– to be all over the media in some type of ;character assassination; type moment….I have no opinions  on what that might look like yet…..but it makes sense and fits the Leftist approach of creating conflict where there is none — and then using that conflict to gain power over someone.

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