John Galt Asks – How Much Are You Willing to Take?


1/25/17 (post music thing)

Why would logically thinking people – who desire to see a limited government — allow a clearly violent set of revolutionaries seize control of the government that was designed to represent them.

Wait….You don’t understand that this is a revolution? Slow motion for sure…but the aggressors retain the same ultimate intent of any other revolutionary (replace the existing government with…something)

If you don’t already SEE the revolution that’s underway – then you don’t understand Marxism or the fact that they have hijacked the Democratic party.

Socialism was intended to be a temporary step on the road to communism – that’s Marxist teaching….as in…..”of or pertaining to Karl Marx” …..

Communism ultimately calls for one party to “vote for”, total govt control of property, no independent though and denial of you following your religious conscience (whatever that may be)…and that’s just starting to scratch the surface.

Given our (ALL races, creeds and cultures) collective history of abusing power and trust — Why would any logical thinking person go in this direction?

Logical people who want to see a limited form of government — a government with Checks and Balances ….. (which Marxism CAN NOT ALLOW) see the need to limit power in the hands of those who:

  • Control taxation

  • Control the military

  • Already regulate all our ports, highways and infrastructure

  • Can decide citizens = “Enemy combatants” (check the Bush era Military Commissions Act)

  • Will wage war pre-emptively in order to bring about peace (the outgoing Prez was the 1st EVER US President to be at war — for every single day he was in office)

Haven’t we seen the ‘historical actuals’ on humanity to know what MIGHT Happen if you allow an increasingly centralized govt to accrue more and more authority?

Do they ever surrender that power back the people?       Really?

Read up, have a wonderful evening and  commit yourself to doing something — NO MATTER HOW SMALL — to challenging Marxist thought in this nation.




stray thought……….a focused political collective of Marxists managed to (communists were never any more than 7% of the Russian population)  exterminate an estimated 66 Million people while installing the most brutally repressive regime in history —

they were WORSE than the Nazi’s and they were always MASSIVELY OUTNUMBERED


PS: Music was a serious balm tonight


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