Decision Made – Commitment Established


1/28/17 (Early in the New Era)

The Trump Administration (and it’s important to note that this is a team with carious inputs – for better or worse) has clearly established a series of decisions to strengthen National Sovereignty … that’s the exact opposite of what global architects like G. Soros would want.

The decisions made by this admin. are establishing “you can’t go back from here” moments that should be acknowledged.

By crossing the line and opposing an obviously wealthy, powerful figure like Soros – this admin. has accepted all forms of challenge, push back and chicanery that the Soros Machine can muster……this means being ready to oppose any violence that could erupt.

The decision to protect borders, reinvigorate manufacturing / the economy – the decision to clearly fight ISIS — all are great decisions in my opinion — I think they are all rational, logically connected decisions that ultimately strengthen the greater Republic that is the USA.

This admin and it’s supporters (and that includes supporters that are still emerging or yet to come) should strengthen their resolve to do the right things regardless of what people might say …. regardless of what people might think…and regardless of how it might cause one to fall out of favor.

The right decisions should be made regardless – and the commitments that are created……owned to the fullest.



2+2 still equals Four

Link Shows Another Example of Soros Funded Conflict




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