Where Might This Be Headed? Analysis of Two “Possible Paths” for the Trump Administration.


Started 1/30/17

Updated 2/1/17

Completed (with additional feeds likely as news develops) 2/3/17

Now that we’re no longer tolerating out of the closet Marxists in the White House it’s time to focus on what we DO have in the White House — and how history may inform our thinking.

This article addresses two basic assumptions (or “possible paths”):

a) What if the Trump administration is exactly what they claim to be – that is, they truly serve an agenda that’s dedicated to focusing on strengthening national sovereignty and then – from that position of strength – helping the world where possible.

b) What if the Trump administration turns sour and the power / growing public support goes to their head? What might that look like? Has something like this happened before historically?

Obviously these are two widely divergent paths – that would result in two very different sets of outcomes.

In order to try and make sense of the two ‘possible paths’ I’ll ask the same questions of each.

  1. What would be the visible outcomes of each path.
  2. What historical events or entities may have embodied this particular path – i.e. who could we compare each “path” to historically?
  3. What evidence do we have thus far (will be baked into the summary of points 1 and 2 for each “path” below.
  4. Finally, we must start with the baseline comparison point of the US Government as it was intended to be – a Constitutional Republic where checks/balances limit the power of government and representative democracy is intact. This is merely a reference point and will not be discussed in great detail below.

Scenario A: This administration is what they claim to be. A return to emphasizing National Sovereignty and a limited government that serves the people.

  1. What would be the visible outcomes of this reality? Please consider these points:
    • Any existing legislation that promoted supra-national government would be attacked and/or eradicated.
      • Consider – the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The framework for this agreement was rushed through our legislative body with no input from the American people. It has been eradicated by the new administration by Executive Order. Labor unions (traditionally Democratic strongholds) have openly praised our new President for doing so.
      • Consider – NAFTA. Another ‘midnight agreement’ that was passed in such a manner that failed to involve the input or consideration of American workers. This treaty will be re-negotiated by our new Administration.
      • Strong resistance, and perhaps violence, perpetuated by those who favor the Marxist / Communist approach to powerful, centralized government on an international stage.
      • If this approach is true – and successful – then you should start seeing quantifiable improvements in American businesses either returning to this country – or keeping their facilities / jobs within the US.
        • Which may also result in a counter-move by some nations to either remove THEIR companies from this nation or take some other reactionary measures.
      • Border security would be emphasized more than previous administrations. This one may be self-evident by now. Vetting Islamic immigrants and all the talk about a wall along the southern border seem to suggest that this Administration means what it says.
      • Additional information on this will be uploaded as this author works hard to keep up with the massive changes that are becoming increasingly apparent on a daily basis.
  2. What historical events may have embodied this path?
    • The more obvious parallels would be:
      • The early American revolution against British rule. This administration has pushed back against “Globalist” interests in favor of an “America First” approach. This is seems to be more aligned with the framers of the American Constitution and how they generally agreed that involvement in foreign treaties was often a bad idea. The resulting legal entanglements tend to lead to a loss of accountability in our governments actions and a weakened voice for the people who the national government should be serving.
      • *IF* this administration were to back off the destabilizing, pre-emptive bombing of other nations [like Syria] and stand down from the “make the world safe for democracy” approach – then you could say that there’s a certain Woodrow Wilson-esque approach to this administration where we make more room for other nations self-determination. A good, quick read on Wilson’s belief that we should Defend Democracy – but not force it down your throat with the barrel of a gun
W. Wilson – Even though he too believed that the United States was the most politically enlightened nation under God, he felt that all peoples throughout the world had the right to self-determination–that the people in every country should have the right to choose their own governments.


The next section will attempt to protect what a “Run away Trump admin” might actually look like — 

Scenario B: Probably leads to something like will look either like George Bush Jr Pari II (With more Assertiveness and brash) OR – worse case scenario – all that power (and significant public support) could possibly lead to something more like classic fascism

I’m a little hesitant to use that term- not because I don’t believe it’s possible – but because one of my literary heroes made it a point to note how poorly that word was often defined and understood (along with “democracy” etc). Also, frankly I’ve not studied fascism nearly as much as I’ve studied Marxism and all it’s antecedents.

So I’ve got some home work to do there (started today actually) but for the time being – let’s all picture something like Nazi Germany in the 1930’s – before they invaded Poland with their bloodthirsty Communist allies in 1939.

(wait….you didn’t know that the USSR also invaded Poland in 1939? Funny how they just don’t get the credit they deserve for that isn’t it? A good “Workers Party” ought never to align with NAZI’s and divide up other working people now should they???

Any who –

Let’s call those two possibilities option 1 (A Brashy Bush Jr with a worse haircut – and option 2 (fascism in the USA)

Option 1: Power Mad Trump who’s like a worse version of Bush Jr

Outcomes from this reality would probably show evidence of the following:

  1. After an populist start with lots of backing from both conservatives and even some on the (traditional) Left – The Trump admin starts to show signs of being power mad. They continue the Cheney-esque (and now Obama-esque) PNAC (Proj. for a New American Century – please look it up) approach to waging pre-emptive war.
    • Voters become disillusioned as our military – which receiving some much needed investments and pay raises under this admin – has continued to have boots on the ground in both Eastern Europe (a cultural / doorstep threat to Russia) as well as the Middle East and many other regions. As terror attacks continue to mount in places like Afghanistan and Iraq the American people have no good answers as to why we continue to garrison troops in many of these places. ISIS – while gutted and a shadow of their former selves, has regrouped and a new band of violent, apocalyptic Jihadists have formed (pick a name – hell, I’ll call them – Esau’s Warriors) and is now waging terror attacks routinely on European soil as the first bombs start to go off in American malls and airports.
    • Watch for this one please — thus far the Trump admin (like Obama) has not trolled back any of the Bush era Patriot Act / Military Commissions Act type legislation that can instantly hand massive / unchecked power to the Executive branch.
      • If he starts using them to arrest people and deny them their due process then ….we’re probably starting to slide into option A at least (with an exception for any tactual terrorists who perform egregious acts or attacks on our soil — then, with well communicated and limited scope – those powers CAN make sense
      • Barring violence on our soil that leaves this admin little choice, if you start to see suppression of opponents who are non-violent — with Patriot Act / Military Commissions Act type powers – then we may be sliding towards Option B — that would just be hard to understand and justify.
    • A new war somewhere – probably a limited engagement with our head chopping Saudi allies against the Persians and/or their Houthi proxy groups

Option 2

This would be the worst case scenario – and if it were to happen I think it would take some time to develop (at least a year) unless we’re attacked again on our soil 9/11 style.

The sad reality is that almost ANY President in this day and age – if faced with another 9/11 style attack (or worse) WILL respond with stringent controls on nearly all aspects of life in this country , you may even see marital law.

But let’s just say that this admin slides into a power mad / egomaniacal state with fewer and fewer checks on their power and within a year they’re starting to:

  • Continue to use Executive orders as a routine course of action.
  • While international / globalist structures have been disassembled – the admin starts to erect checkpoint within the USA (NOTEL This was recommended by John McCain a few years ago – he wanted to expand the TSA into bus stations, subways, probably into McDonalds and/or Statbucks too…..)
  • A new form of identification that’s compulsory or close to it. This could be a card with a chip inside or some other modern variant of YOUR PAPERS PLEASE…..watch for that….it could also come as part of a plan to crack down on welfare fraud and/or weeding out illegals getting benefits…..if they take an approach like that, they’ll have a lot of people applauding as others (on the “right” and “left” start to feel really un easy)
  • More controls of one kind or another on public speech….not sure what this might look like under Trump but I”ll take a WAG and say that he’d be more likely to start by imposing stiff penalties for activity or actions that are deemed “unpatriotic”.
    • Now, that’s a broad term I know. Stopping people from burning the flag is one thing – stopping the idiot version of “Free speech” where people actually RIOT (looking at you UC-Berkley) isn’t a bad thing…..but if the government starts to step in on people who are merely questioning or challenging our war efforts for example — that could start to get scary.
  • Finally, what are some other hallmarks of Fascisms that we’ve seen?
    • Italy and Germany both celebrated the family to the extent that the government published tules on everyone’s freakin roles — which included  ultimate subservience to the “Mother-Father-Home Land”
    • Youth Corps — some of us thought this was happening under Obama as he actually DID create a FEMA sub-group that was a Youth Brigade. Here’s a link for those that missed one of President Barry Barrack Sotero Hussein Obama’s most RIGHT WING MOMENTS:
    • Another favorite things those whacky fascists tend to do is militarize damn near  EVERYTHING…..if you have a late library book and someone in a para-military uniform shows up speaking only one-syllable words and looking irritated….we might be headed to fascism.
      • If you make change out of the church collection plate….and a black clad special forces SUPER TROOPERS repeals down from the church balcony to slap you around…..we might be headed to fascism.
      • IF the halftime shows for SEC football games are starting to feature military formations and small armored vehicles recreating the GLORY of battles past — we might be headed to fascism.
    • Seriously though – uber-militaried society — watch for those urban drills with no notice. Do they continue? You know which ones I mean — the really freaky ones where the black ski mask cops STORM INTO A SHCOOL WITH NO NOTICE AND HAVE THEIR GUNS DRAWN….AS A DRILL……wait….you didn’t know we do that?? Here’s a link where that happened in sunny Florida under our NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNIN’ last Pres-a-dent
  • Finally – the ever present posters. Orwellian slogans and maybe some type of limits on print / web media. Some of that has been ubiquitous for a while (war jingo-ism mostly). Some of it is being pushed as we speak (Internet controls – FOR OUR OWN GOOD!!!) — so watch for that potential trent, hopefully this admin sides with liberty
  • Last but not least – it’ll start to look a lot more like fascism when the government gets really, really, REALLLY interested in your mental health. President Bush actually established a Commission on Mental Health in or around 2006. I watched it closely at the time as I was a) curious and a little weirded out and b) working at a major public health agency that starts with a “C” and ends with ….. another “C”. And that stuff was right up my co=workers alley yet none of them seemed to realize it existed.
    • Here a link to the actual Executive Order that Bush Jr used to create that creepy little corner of the USG:
      • Bet You DIdn’t Know we One of THOSE…
      • From there we were starting to see mental health surveys for school children and pregnant women (wait …maybe that one’s OK….I KID I KID!!) ….FOR THEIR OWN GOOD OF COURSE
      • NYC also started a special corps of Cops to deal with the mentally ill (could be a great thing – i.e a ‘lighter touch’ for crazy people — or it could turn into a bad thing if they’re chartered to go around “assessing” anyone’s “mental health”
      • If you’re like me – the idea that professional politicians may have some say so in who’s mental ill and who isn’t — is freaking scary
      • However I always thought it would have been GRAND if our politicians all took the first step and got screened and made their results public
      • Good mental health sounds so positive though doesn’t it? Who could argue with the govt “promoting” that…….geez…..yeah…..what could possibly go wrong……start with asking questions about who sets the DEFINITION for what constitutes “Good” mental health and go from there….you’ll be wearing a tin foil hat before you know it
    • So watch out for  the ol’ mental health trip as well — that’s another sign of creeping creepiness from the Govt.
  • Also – another war somewhere — only bigger, Possibly a limited engagement with China over the shopping lanes in the South China sea or US forces actively fighting in  the Ukraine against Russian proxies…….a bit scary isn’t it …

This was a faithful, honest effort

I know it’s long but this particular article needed to be — I still feel like it barely touches the surface.

I hope you can see that I’m trying to be objective about this and not just line up for ANYTHING this admin wants to do.

Power can corrupt anyone – and while I like the idea that our President can’t be bought (with money) — like any man — he HAS a price.

Stay tuned and keep you eyes on those items above, folks

I’ll try to update this one if we start to see clear movement in certain directions etc



and now…time for a relaxing photo:

Behold – The Bluejay…they’re nice took at – but tend to be squawking bullies.


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