It’s Always “Hate” – but now – that Hand has been Overplayed (or…How the Hard Left Became “The Man”)




Something as simple as pointing out that the “Women’s March” was really more of a “Political Leftist March Funded by George Soros” — shouldn’t be an issue that pertains to “hate”.

Notwithstanding the argument of what constitutes “hate” – I’d prefer to just focus on the logical angle that accompanies truth.

In the example cited above – we KNOW that George Soros (a man by the way) poured funds into multiple streams and organizations in order to help create what was promoted as an spontaneous “Women’s March”.

Yet logic tells us that this march didn’t speak for all women –

In fact there’s a strong minded, clear thinking, substantial portion of the female population that not only wasn’t represented – but would also be considered outsiders (or even outright enemies) to the Soros-ian political movements that are afoot.

So you point out obvious slants such as:

  • Even feminists are noting that this wasn’t a true “women’s march” –> NY Times Catches It – Did the Media Repeat it Much?
  • This was a politically motivated movement, it wasn’t spontaneous and it doesn’t tell the whole story
  • It isn’t intellectually honest

There’s an entire cadre of people who would respond to these logical points — these elements of evidence….and just try to shout you down.

They’ll call you names.

They’ll say you HATE women.

It’s truly bizarre….the most surreal thing about all of this is that there are countless people on the Left that don’t realize two important things:

  1. There’s a GROWING NUMBER of Americans (women, men, black, white, gay, straight, latino – hell…even people from Tennessee) who understand your tactics — and aren’t afraid of them anymore
  2. YOU’VE BECOME “THE MAN” — hate to break the news to you…..but many on the Left didn’t see it coming and still haven’t come to terms with it.
    • The hard left isn’t as cool as it used to be
    • They are losing the youth
    • Reasonable pesople see through their tactics
    • They’ve overplayed their hand with DECADES of repititious attacks with the same key signatures
    • Logical thinking people simply aren’t afraid of them anymore — and many are fed up

The same tired playbook – the same attack sequences – the same predictable grab-bag of derogatory terms for anyone who THINKS DIFFERENTLY than you do …. it’s becoming ever  more clear to more and more Run-of-the-Mill Americans — who just want to live and let live and see our country and economy prosper….(PS without having to constantly be at WAR to make those things happen)

So the true Marxist Left has only two options:

A) Succumb to the political inertia that’s pushing them back into a corner

B) Or up the ante and bring ever more conflict against their “class enemies” (including people of color and every other specific-population that doesn’t go along with the collectivist agenda)

So – for logical thinking people – those who don’t want to see an increasingly centralized government making decisions for everyone else – those who believe you must protect your economy and borders – those who want to stand down on the “War on Terror” and walk it back a bit – THOSE GOOD FOLKS need to soldier on…..

Change one little thing about how you speak with others

Consider a mild, logical challenge to someone who’s blindly supporting Soros and the Globalists and don’t seem to realize it

Consider accurate words to point out the difference between a Marxist and someone who’s simply Left of Center.

KNOW that’s it ok to push back without accepting the mantle of “sexist”

KNOW that you’re not “Racist” because you want to see common sense border protections

KNOW that it’s not YOU with the problem when you prefer a strong economy and a government with checks and balances

Stand firm – speak clearly and with good candor

The Marxists among the Left are quickly running out of options – even with the media supporting their every move.

And finally —




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