Quick Hits – Some of Them Are Ready to Kill You


Continuing the theme of Marxist violence and their modern ‘chaos theory’ — here’s a Seattle protest where the open claim is made that it’s time to start “killing people” if you aren’t ready to hand over your money

Does anyone REALLY think that will placate people like this?

What does history say?

Pay Us or We Kill You

The person speaking can’t string a sentence together without using the F-Word every 2 to 3 seconds so the IQ is obviously low

Falling for Marxist claptrap as a means to “equality” further shows the abject stupidity …. you’re being USED, dear.

The final, sad irony is that this person is cursing “White people” WHILE PROMOTING WHITE EUROPEAN IDEAS…i.e. Communist/Marxist Agitation and Anti-capitalist Screed

For people like this – it might be that you’re in for a big surprise when you see how many people are fed up…..and ready to fight *YOU*

And perhaps — that’s when the Globalists win, right?
Martial law and all that…..

Here’s an injection of history to help clarify why some groups are ok with taking your rights in order to MAKE things right…check out this revealing quote and ask yourself if it sounds like any part of the Leftist movements in this nation today:

“Paradoxical as it may seem, UNEQUAL RIGHTS alone may prevent the re-establishment of inequalities…” [K Marx.]**

have a nice afternoon…. but stay logical my friends…..


** quote taken from “The Backgrounds of Conflict” by K. London (c) 1946 — pg 246

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