Quick Hits – Another Book Recommendation

2/5/17 (about 2am)

So if you’ve read any portion of this site you’ve probably gathered that I do not support Marxist influence in our nations politics.

But to pays to get educated on the framework, influences, legacy and cultural applications of Marxism if I’m going to attempt to speak about it.

This book has been a very helpful resource for covering a lot of that territory when I started “The Russian Chapter” of my reading life — about 10 or 12 years ago.

The artwork and layout within the book features a relaxed, almost comic book style (but a little closer to The New Yorker) and the author did a fantastic job of packing a lot of information into about 150 pages.

Legends persist that his head REALLY was that big

Marxist historical timelines, pre-Marx ideological contributors to Socialism and period-specific context regarding labor, politics and the role of the European Church are all neatly tucked in – and while you’re gathering useful information, it feels like “light reading” as you do so.

I would have liked to have seen a little more objective criticism on where Marxism lost some relevance as conditions in the often stormy (and grimy) industrial revolution improved. Also some reference to the limitations, failures and consequences of Marxist ideology would have been appreciated.

However not all books are intended to carry the same degree of detail or scope of effort.

For what it is this has been an enormously useful resource to fact check myself and also learn about several of the French & German philosophers that influenced Herr Marx (and others).

And with that – we’ll end this long day with some much needed rest.

Have a wonderful Sunday and please continue to consider finding your “one little thing” that contributes to ideological honesty and checks and balances within or political system.

Irrespective of that bit 2 + 2 will still = 4




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