ATTACK DOG has noticed — The “Raised Fist” Thru History and wants to bark about it….


Valentines Day Special – because there’s so much LUV here

Here’s a collection of pictures throughout history showing Marxists / Communists displaying their loyalty with the “Raised Fist” salute

I DO realize that here and there people will just make this gesture as a symbol of “general defiance” … or something similar — but the truth is, this has been a known Communist “Salute” for decades

Just pointing that out – depending on the situation, it may be wise to reexamine what you’re seeing with a new perspective.

Here are some of the Stalinists during the Spanish Civil War – showing their loyalty:


…and here’s some generic Communist propaganda with the raised fist predominantly displayed — FEELS GOOD TO STICK IT TO THE MAN!! YEEEEAH!!!

…and here are some By-God Soviets with their HEIL COMMUNISM move….


here’s another known Communist who — somehow was being MONITORED by our CIA but still managed to kill our President back in the day…..someone probably just slept in that day:


OK – now here are some more modern Communist Chinese Soldiers showing their version of the “Fist salute”


and here’s Comrade Chavez – his High Holiness of Redder than Red Communism within the Western Hemisphere:


Here’s the Socialist candidate that just ran for our Democratic nomination in the recent Presidential Election here in the USA:


…and here are the founders of Black Lives Matter posing for “Fortune” Magazine (I’ll bet that hurt their real feelings as committed Marxists….I mean “FORTUNE???? whoosh!!!)


Here’s a Black Lives Matter event – somewhere in the US — nice organized Fisters there too….nice elbow bend with the folks in the front ranks!


and — here’s our current President — seems that the gesture is catching!


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