Is It Fair to Say That Most Rational People Would Think These Things Are Insane?


Ah – the Post Valentines Day Afterglow…

So – sometimes I think that politics has just become unnecessarily complicated

I believe the governed masses of all nations should have some kind of “THAT’S JUST INSANE” veto option where a pending governmental action is just KA-BASHED (killed) before it causes even more problems.

Maybe it just takes a referendum vote of “Yep, that’s nuts” from like… third of the populace …. let’s say …. within a week of any REALLY bad decision originating from our “betters” and their moneyed handlers……..


So in that spirit – I came up with 4 to 5 things that the United States has done in recent memory that I BELIEVE the vast majority of American voters (regardless of political affiliation or reading habits) would agree — is pretty insane:

  1. Continuing to arm the ‘moderate Muslims’ in ANY conflict – thinking that our intervening in that part of the world — WITH MORE WEAPONS — is going to help  A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G



  1. Continuing to have troops, facilities, jeeps, hammocks, or anything else of ours — IN Afghanistan…… Just stop it now….get out while you still can pay for everyone’s plane tickets back….I mean….unless maybe we can do something JUSt AS SMART like perhaps start a land war in Asia….or move the Pentagon to Madagascar or something……..I swear it makes me want to freaking SCREAM


  1. Piling up the NATO toys on Russia’s border — while calling them aggressors……I mean…first of all, the equivalent Russian counter move would be to start parking Tanks in Canada. And while I’m talking about that bizarre series of events – here are three other NATO sub-points that quickly come to mindnato-and-russian-flags
    • Has anyone in our politically correct, thinly stretched military ever read any history…I understand that modern weapons are a game changer since the WW2 days and all …. but if you think that the 30-40 helicopters and (whatever it is) 75-100 tanks are going to do ANYTHING if Russia decides to attack — then you are dumber than a BAG OF HAMMERS
    • I’m watching the Trump admin closely on this and NATO in general — I’d like to see them get the US out of NATO – our involvement no longer makes sense and we could put whatever NATO monies were allocating into something else….like VETERANS HEALTH….and speaking of pulling out…..
    • WHY DOES NATO STILL EXIST????? The Warsaw Pact has long since folded….what are they doing? “Operation Atlantic Resolve”……good Lord… about this – Europeans defend Europe … and  fully fund it – we’ll support our Euro allies (assuming we still have any) who are attacked (assuming they didn’t deserve it) …


  1. Fall all over ourselves to send aerospace type manufacturing jobs to China (Boeing etc)  – knowing that they are very likely to start out-producing us (and more cheaply) in the relatively near future……made-in-chinawhich will likely lead to the commercial entities that helped create the situation — seeking a bail out from the American taxpayers.


  1. How…..HOW???? How does this country manage to promote and move in these clarly contradcitory directions simultaneously:
    •  Declare an open-ended war on “Terror” – that no one seems to have the leadership to just END while also
    • Arguing that our borders should be open….

These things all seem clearly INSANE to me — isn’t there some way we, The People, can just host an intervention and out our Glorious Elected Leadership in a time out?

…….to include their Gloriously Well Fed Very Special Interests and all their Keith Richards-Rock-Star-Money

I could probably go on but I have to re-arrange my sock drawer



Have a nice night, world.



2+2 = 4 … no matter how we feel about it


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