It’s been a little while since I’ve posted.
During that time away I’ve spent some time in the area where I grew up and measured the time that’s ticking away so feverishly…

And isn’t that something we ALL see?

No matter what you believe (or don’t believe) – can’t we all see how quickly it all passes?
Aren’t we all the same in that respect?

Hug the ones you love and be purposeful about tomorrow….because you aren’t promised any other day past that, my friends.

I want to thank the curious readers who have found a way to this blog – I wonder who you are quite often.
It’s especially  thought-provoking (and humbling) when I see people reading this blog from about a dozen different nations outside of the U.S.

I wish that all of you (and your families) have no short measure of:

  • Health
  • Wealth (however you measure it)
  • Love
  • …and Hope

throughout the rest of 2017!

Behold – The Bluejay…With Little-Blue-Bed-Head

Back soon with new articles on history, books, politics…..and possibly rock and roll.



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