Quick Hits – Speaking of Hacks

3.3.17 (just a couple of days from the anniversary of Stalin’s death — YAY!)

The never ending “Russian Hack / Influenced the Election” drama is deeply disturbing to me….and for several reasons.

Consider these facts and notes and PLEASE share them in your conversations OR simply **THINK ABOUT THEM** …..let’s GO where the Truth leads OK?

  • The U.S. has Microsoft and Google and we invented the internet. Google was the most frequent visitor to our White House while Obama was in office….so they were closely coordinating – I’m SURE they have resources that can be leveraged (or commandeered if our current President sees a security threat).
    • Can Google, Microsoft or any other tech firm – provide court ready evidence showing that the election was hacked?
  • Before I left the military in 2002 the Air Force was going to great lengths to set up a new Cyber Warfare command…..are they weighing in on this?
    • Do they have evidence of an attack? That data should be demanded as well.
  • Finally, we know there are may be some additional motivating factors  for some within the political world to hate Russia…..remember that:
U.S. President Barack Obama shakes hands with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Korea
  • Putin shut down all foreign funded Non-Governmental Organizations in Russia because of the social unrest and agitation tactics that were being being employed (remember the “pussy riot” events where they would show up in public places – including Russian Orth. Churches – and simply be VILE? I won’t link that crap but you can find it….)
  • George Soros invested HEAVILY in Russia shortly after the end of the Cold War — he was building all over the place and buying up assets left and right…..Putin is the first leader that seems to have the ability, wherewithal and courage to PUSH BACK — and he’s doing just that.
    • NY Times Link Showing Some of the BILLIONS He Lost Since — also, Russia is defending their borders and culture as opposed to promoting the idea of a New World Order type arrangement for the world — I think THOSE two factors are more relevant here than Trump legally defeating Barack ….NY Times Notes that Russia Cost Soros Billions

So consider those facts — at the very least, they’re all relevant questions and additional resources for obtaining proof.

MEANWHILE……reports are popping up saying that Valerie Jarrett (long time “handler” for our former President) moved in with Obama this week.

She’s supposedly also stated that this will be the new headquarters for unseating Trump …

 Three quick points about this:

  • I just noted the story yesterday but am not linking it at this time – you an search it up. Also, IF the report is fully true then I expect the story to quickly soften and change a bit … there are more than enough people in various segments of the media that would love to help V/J commit treason …so let’s wait and see how this story develops.
  • IF this is true then the act is treason during a time of war. Once upon a time that type of activity led to your execution – we’re now living in such a divided America, that many in the media will help cover it up and promote the removal of our current President if possible..
  • If this truly is the REVOLUTION that I’ve been saying it is — then the Marxist left has been backed into a corner.

And they’re losing ground by the day.

Since taking office – this President has thrown ENORMOUS support behind our beleaguered military and the embattled police and border agents who have been frequently prosecuted for trying to do their jobs….finally – the long standing fortresses of Labor Union Democrat support (AFL-CIO & Teamsters Union) met with and announced ENTHUSIASTIC SUPPORT FOR TRUMP in less than a month after he took office

Those last three points are placed to note that – if the Marxist Left is truly ready to call the LAST PLAY IN THEIR PLAYBOOK — and kick off ao violent revolution ….. then they’re going to have to be ready to go through a LOT of RAPIDLY organized resistance that will fight like it’s 1776 all over again.

Of course they have the option to act like civilized adults and get behind the one President we’ve had in decades — that might actually start to back America down from its insane “World Police / World Empire” path that we’ve been on fir years.

Think about those things PLEASE

Push back on me if the ideas aren’t sound

Push back on activists (etc) if they’re calling for the removal of this President with no proof

Watch Less TV – read more history

Make the decision to enter a conversation about politics that maybe you normally wouldn’t — sometimes ONE SMALL THING you say or so will encourage others to take action as well….and THIS is a time for action from logical / sane people off ALL TYPES.

We need to “go where the truth leads” here and be ready for serious consequences either way.….but this is NOT the time to sit on the fence or be silent.





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