Book Recommendation – Final Review of the “Gulag” Series (Taking a Look at Vol-3)

3/3/17 (early…too early to tell)

This article will close out the review of A. Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago”.


I will be focusing on some of the information shared in Vol 3 of the book, with the entire series being something that the author referred to as – “A Literary Experiment”

My copy of Volume 3 (translated from the original Russian by Harry Willets and published by Harper & Row in 1974) contains books V – VII.

Respectively these books within the larger volume are sub-titled as follows:

Book V – Katorga (a word to describe systematic, harsh, forced labor….you can also call it human slavery coupled with mass-extermination).

Book VI – Exile (this section was hard to swallow – when you start to understand the extent of the mass extermination that occurred in Russia and the Soviet Union — as perpetrated by the Marxists / Communists — it can be a tough read at times)

Book VII – Stalin is No More (should be a national celebration)




Here are some quotes from “The Gulag…Vol 3” —

Speaking of education under the Communists “in every lesson, whether it was pertinent or not, whether you were studying the anatomy of worms or the use of conjunctions…you were required to take a kick at God
So little is taught to our people about how the Socialists and Communists introduced the world to “concentration camps” …. and they did. They had over 80 up and running in the early 1920’s before Hitler was ever in power,,,,,yet, when someone says, “Concentration Camps”….. not only does everyone assume you’re talking about Nazi Germany (not a problem in and of itself) but they are generally ignorant of what the Marxists did in Russia and how it was so much wider / destructive than what the Nazi’s did (not a quote from the book – just my observation)


  • There was a phenomenon called the “Vaslov Movement” during WW2, after Germany and her allies had invaded the USSR. Soviet General Vaslov wanted to work WITH the Germans to overthrow Stalin — there were many Red Army troops ready to support him as well.. The Germans never used this options – neither did anyone else. Also, along these lines , the author recalls how, perhaps for the 1st time in history, there was a mass civilian exodus from the Northern Caucasus when the Germans retreated. There was massive numbers of Russian Peasants who preferred to repeat with the “alien Army” of Germany (a defeated enemy) – rather than stay home where Stalin ruled mercilessly.
  • Socialists who organized the Revolution were shocked to find their demands to the Communists not only being ignored (they wanted local organization for factory labor for instance – and they disagreed on the “role of the Russian peasant”
  • However in Petrograd the Communists (who nearly ALL came from outside of Russia and SEIZED CONTROL shortly after the revolution was carried out) – gave orders to machine gun down all protesting Socialists in Petrograd,….there were many instances of the Communist leadership going back and imprisoning or executing the Socialists & Anarchists who helped bring the Revolution about (they no longer had a purpose and were a bit dangerous since they knew the textbook on agitation / organization etc)
  • On the topic of suppression of the political voices of dissent etc, “The whole system of oppression elaborated in his reign (Stalin) was based on keeping “malcontents” apart, preventing them from reading each others eyes and discovering how many of them there were…”
    Marxists are extremely organized but they REALLY hate it if the opposition takes a page from their playbook and organizes / agitates as they do (ref: attacks on the Tea Party and others, while celebrating how “diversity” makes us strong)


This last quote may be one of the most important!

We’ve got to STOP calling the current PREVAILING Leftists voices “Liberal”

The lack of MEANING in that term supports an environment of complete POLITICAL IGNORANCE to how the D-Party has been hi-jacked by people who are calling for (or empowering others who are calling for…) the overthrow of our President, the death of our government and economic system and murder for those who they believe standing their way….

There are well organized people and groups who are preparing for war as we speak — war on our soil. They’ve been steadily indoctrinated to hate and to believe that a bloody, merciless revolution is not only needed….but that it represents JUSTICE

How long will everyone else tolerate the calls for the overthrow of our government – killing people for “justice”…even as these rented thugs become more emboldened AND DESPERATE than ever!

Reports are circuiting in the media since yesterday that Valerie Jarrett has openly announced that their new group plans to overthrow our legally elected President….since when did that become OK just because you don’t like the President’s views?

Friends – that’s OPEN SEDITION (in a time of war no less)……

Assuming the Marxists follow in their predecessors footsteps and launch coordinated attacks — it would likely be accompanied by foreign enemies who would see this as a splendid opportunity / historically unique moment to bring down the arrogant USA  as well – this recent claim by Iran notes that they sleeper cells ready to go right now –>   2 Million in the US Now

U.S. citizens who believe this is all just politics as normal are making a dire mistake



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