Quick Hits – Military Matters

3/15/17 (before revelry)

I was active duty just shy of 10 years – so I like to keep up with what’s happening with our military and where they’re being sent etc.

I disagreed with almost all of the Bush and Obama era military actions — and still can’t explain what we were trying to do with some of them.

However, it recently occurred to me that one of the most damaging things the previous administration did was leave the Trump admin in a position where if they DO need to take military action. they’re going to have to deal with:

a) Emboldened enemies who have new tactical and strategic advantages


b) An unhinged team of Marxists in the U.S. openly trying to unseat our legally elected Commander in Chief

And unfortunately it’s crystal clear that nations like Iran, China and North Korea are VERY clear on the fact that they would have powerful allies in our country if conflict did arise.

You don’t see it?

Let’s take the example of the recent efforts China has made to seize control of previously International Waters in the South China Sea.  They’ve also built up artificial islands near the Spratly’s.

Map of the Region in Question – The Spratly Islands were claimed by both Vietnam & the Philippines as well

Let’s just say that the Trump admin decides that there’s no way we can allow China to get away with having built fake islands near the Spratly’s and then garrison military forces and weapons there like they have…..

Mil_Chinese SAM
Chinese SAM 

Reuters Link Discussing How China is Arming the Artificial Islands They Created in that Area

CNN Link Noting the Same Actions

(The “Diplomat” Article below notes that they’ve built up 3 fully functional airstrips on those reefs as well)

Mil_Chinese Nval Drills SCS
China Conducting Drills in the S.C.S.

Between that move and their attempt to now close off international waters in the South China Sea — we’re seeing the most emboldened / aggressive moves China has made (perhaps ever) in relation to the U.S. and our Pacific allies.

Vox – Talks About How China is Claiming this Area to Build Up their Military Presence

The Diplomat Link – US Military States They Won’t LET China Seize This Area

Notice that Japan – arguably our ally with the most to lose in this situation – has decided to send one of their naval vessels (a helicopter carrier) into the area for a 3 month tour – Reuters Link – Japan Asserting Themselves in SCS

Note that Japan receives their supply of OIL via the South China Sea….

In fact – according to this Business Insider article (and others) – there’s nearly THREE TIMES AS MUCH OIL shipped through the S.C.S. than there is via the Suez Canal — here’s a link and the excerpt + map following:

Business Insider – This is a STRATEGIC AREA China is Claiming

The oil transported through the Malacca Strait from the Indian Ocean, en route to East Asia through the South China Sea, is triple the amount that passes through the Suez Canal and fifteen times the amount that transits the Panama Canal.

MIL_Oil Ship Map

So – think this through now….

  1. Despite a long and tiring record of recent, dubious military endeavors (I’m considering both Bush-Jr and Obama admin era wars/missions/various posturing etc) …. we now may have a one (of perhaps 2 or 3) ACTUAL issue that, if not solved diplomatically, would be justification for use of force.

  2. We should try to do EVERYTHING possible (that’s ethical and doesn’t hurt us nor or allies) to resolve this diplomatically with China….no one WANTS war…

  3. However – If they are allowed to get away with this  then I believe you can EXPECT similar aggression in the Pacific in the near term. 

  4. Their actions put them strategically in a place where they could bring our Pacific allies to their knees as oil imports would (at least initially) possibly be widely diverted — then possibly shut down if China so chooses

  5. If we don’t stand with our Pacific allies on this – then we might as well start pulling back from the region and encourage them to counter China on their own — with our support only coming when/if hostilities or other acts of war occur.

  6. A limited engagement with China on these reefs / shipping lands – CAN BE WON and it doesn’t have to turn in to a major regional conflict etc.

I can hear people all around the planet right now…….Now the U.S. is getting a dose of their own medicine!

Mil_US Jpn Naval Drills SCSAnd that’s ultimately true – our post 9-11 governments have been nothing shy of absolutely embarrassment in terms of either:

  • Fighting pre-emptive wars in order to make the world “Safe For Democracy”
    • This was the Bush era – “Project for a New American Century” approach…..and it’s insane
  • Destabilizing chains of countries, arming “moderate” rebels….and aligning with Al-Queda now that it ‘suits us’…..all while adopting an aggressive stance with RUSSIA — right on their borders.
    • This was the Obama era = “Marxist Amateur Hour Mixed with a tall glass of — Batshit Crazy”

I’m highly in favor of pulling back from more than one region of the planet

Not going truly isolationist mind you — but more like the early Woodrow Wilson philosophy of “we support our allies — but we don’t have a right to tell them how to function …..and we don’t plan on getting involved in the Global Police game anymore”

But the sins of our past don’t change the facts that are emerging now — the U.S. and our allies WILL have to take China on in regards with this aggression and it appears to have already started.

riot_lat-2015-riot_fistThe other angle to all this……is that the Marxists in the U.S. will go ABSOLUTELY NUTS when/if Trump ever decides that we need to engage another nation in Combat…..I can’t imagine the level of pro-communist, open revolutionary activity we’ll see in this nation if this happens

And don’t think that China, Iran, North Korea and others don’t KNOW that this Commander in Chief is vulnerable like that…..I think they’re BETTING that their Marxist friends well help destabilize the U.S. internally when/if actual conflict breaks out …….

Which leads me to believe that the internal conflict is going to have to be addressed soon as well….

If our legally elected President and the People that support him decide that this (or any other) is a conflict that is unavoidable — then it’s  up to the Police, perhaps the National Guard – and perhaps the military veterans and OTHER like-minded groups to stand against the Marxist violence when/if it arises again……


Buckle up, comrades.

2 + 2 = 4


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