Attack Dog Sees The New World Order – Threatened? Being Strained?

3/25/17 (midnight – witching hours ahead)

I have plenty of updated “New World Order” references in another post on this site – feel free to see who’s praising the coming Unaccountable-Human-Ponzi-Scheme.

NWO_McCainHere’s an interesting article today where one of our elected politicians – Mr John McCain – seems to be nervously assessing the current state of the emerging New World Order.

EO Observer – NWO “Under Strain”



He states that:

In a “new world order under enormous strain” and in “the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism … we can’t stand by and lament, we’ve got to be involved,” said McCain, a former Republican presidential candidate who is now chairman of the armed services committee in the US Senate.

Speaking at the Brussels Forum, a conference organised by the German Marshall Fund, a transatlantic think tank, he said that the EU and the US needed to develop “more cooperation, more connectivity”.
“I trust the EU,” he said…

Three quick points:

  1. I love how so many politicians, popes, and other public figures have consistently mentioned this phenomenon of “The New World Order”…..but whenever “commoners” start to try and discuss it….it suddenly becomes “conspiracy theories” and the like.
  2. Who do you think he’s referring to when he notes that the US and the EU need to combine forces against “radicalism”….,most of us would ASSUME “ISIS”……I think he means ANY Leader that is fighting the idea of global, collective government and the idea of this “NWO” — I think he means people like Mr Putin…and Mr Trump
  3. When you DO take some time to look at who seems to be welcoming and championing the coming NWO (Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Biden, McCain, the last 2 Popes at least…and many others) — you have little choice but to come to the conclusion that our political system isn’t quite what many thought it to be. In fat it starts to appear that several Presidents who SEEMED to oppose one another – are really more like – Fraternal Brothers or something CRAZY like that.
Ladies & Gentlemen – The 2 WORST Presidents in the History of the USA

China is also on team NWO these days from the way this article sounds

Bloomberg Article – China Welcomes Stronger Global Govt Institutions

So – that crazy, tin-foil hat idea of the New World Order seems to be alive and well – and closer than ever to becoming a reality.

I wonder what still needs to happen before there wonderful people with their liberty minded ideas – reveal themselves and this shiny new Babylonian Cluster Truck?


Have a nice night!




2 thoughts on “Attack Dog Sees The New World Order – Threatened? Being Strained?

  1. Right on 50 amp. I’ve been a conspiracy theory connoisseur lately, and when you step back you see the themes you’ve summarized quite nicely. Under the veneer of our ‘democracy’ is a global plutocracy/kleptocracy that keeps us docile while they steal our children for heinous abuse and rob us blind. The patterns are obvious:

    1. Perpetual wars so the power elite can profit off of death – why are so many calling for war with Russia because of cyber influence on US elections? Hasn’t the US done far worse? We’ve had a perpetual war on terror which was not sanctioned by the electorate. I guess war with Russia is next on their agenda, which helps with #3.
    1a. Due to the proliferation of central banks, wars often fund the power elite bankers who bankroll wars and put countries in poverty. It is ironic and telling that all the ‘enemies’ of the US don’t have central banks under the control of the Rothchilds.
    2. Paid off elected officials with money and children – pedo/pizzagate is exposing a worldwide network of pedophiles – this sick fetish is the weapon of choice for NWO to control elected officials.
    3. Global programs of population control – cultural influences are anti-family, proliferation of porn serves lowers interest in lasting relationships, or any relationships, pushing of alternative lifestyles, including pedophila, see #2. Nutritional content of food is diminished, vaccinations are questionable.
    4. Continuous brainwashing from mass media to accept behavior that is anti-family and anti -faith in order to create a population dependent on the state. See #3

    In Dovstoyesky’s Grand Inquisitor, he said people were given their freedom, but they would trade it in for bread. I think today’s elites are banking on individuals making that choice. People give up their freedoms so they can be fed and comforted.

    So, you are linking things together quite nicely. Of course, all this sounds a bit far fetched, but the biggest benefit of Trump being president is he is pushing back on this shadow govt and at the same time validating much of the above. Its amazing how the media has not been covering the mass arrest of pedophiles, his refusal to engage in needless conflict and endorsement of traditional families and Christian tradition. It is fascinating to see a soft coup being executed before our very eyes, where intelligence agencies are intentionally undermining the president. How about McCain calling Rand Paul a Russian agent…talk about surreal. This bizarre and nonsensical behavior can only be explained as NWO trying to preserve itself. As bad as it looks now, I think Trump still has all the aces in his hand and is just waiting to call. When he does and let’s pray they don’t try to take him out, you might see something dramatic and historical, ie, a former president(s), presidential candidate and several senators, high ranking officials in intelligence and possibly military be jailed. Don’t be surprised.

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