We’re Just Supposed to Think This CRAP is NORMAL???

3/25/17 (much too late for reason apparently…)

The growing hysteria and outright INSANITY that confronts North Carolina’s democratically driven, legislative decision is — UTTERLY SURREAL…..also bitterly humorous in a way….annnnd infuriating …..and ultimately….unsettling.

Here’s a quick recap in case you aren’t familiar – this is only intended to be an overview but I believe the pertinent facts are included. Links are provided to prompt your own reading if you desire…common sense …should ultimately follow.

The citizens of North Carolina and their elected state governing body made a decision that would ensure that public toilets will continue to be used by Men….and Women….as they generally have been for ….well, quite a long time.


Here’s a link showing the roll call vote….HB2 was overwhelmingly passed 82-26…..Democracy In Action — WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Here’s a link to the Charlotte Observer Who Mourns the Act of Discrimination Preventing Dudes from Peeing ALL OVER THOSE TOILET SEATS

And when I reference….”Men” — I mean a biological male.

Not a man who puts on a dress and states he is a woman….

and not a woman who ….whatever…loses the ability to ask for directions…..drinks Bud Light…..and tackles the art of peeing from a standing position……..

If someone is confused about how all that works — you know — we CAN work with you.

But there’s no sound logical reason that your confusion, delusion and insecurities need to FORCE the censorship of an entire state’s legislative body ….while granting you special privilege to just…..PEE wherever you want……

Quick aside — the REALLY FUNNY thing about all this ‘identity politics’ …. is that the Marxist Left….in their rabid rush to promote the elimination of the traditional family…..have created a very Large — and VERY OBVIOUS GAPING HOLE in the ideological foundation of an entire wing of their political movement…..logically thinking people should ABSOLUTELY exploit this clear weak spot that’s been presented....maybe that should be another article entirely though? **Footnote 1 provides a quick overview of what I’m referring to.

SO…the movement is not only sad, a tad scary (when you consider how it’s like mass-hypnosis)  and logically SELF-DEFEATING……but now we have those BASTIONS of wisdom and Legislative AUTHORITY weighing in to not only provide direction on THE CORRECT THOUGHTS……but also proudly dishing out economic PUNISHMENT to the State of N.C. because they DON’T LIKE THEIR DECISION AT ALL……annnnnnnd one of those High Minded Figures of Timeless Wisdom (the NCAA!) is issuing an ULTIMATUM AND DEADLINE to the State to CENSOR their citizens and CONFORM …. or else there will be an additional 5 years of sporting activities banned in their state……(hint….might not be so bad if you helped their sick-little-selves PACK and stop focusing on sports so much anyway????)

Those three cultural beacons here in the US of A (where TERRORISTS HATE OUR FREEEDUMBS!!!!) are:

The National Basketball Association

The National Football League


The National Collegiate Athletic Association

And they are GANGING UP on the overwhelmingly supported HB2 measure within N.C. — as if they had some REMOTE F CONNECTION TO THE GOVERNMENT OF THESE UNITED STATES

So, for starters, the ARROGANCE is truly BREATH TAKING…..if anything can challenge that it MIGHT be the HYPOCRISY of interfering with the routine function of a State Government – and trying to ELIMINATE, REVERSE and CENSOR the Legal Decision made within that state.

NFL Commish – R. Godell

Here are a few links showing where the Billionaire SPORTS CLUBS are taking action to economically punish the State of North Carolina …. for not agreeing with their social viewpoints.

Yahoo News Link – Mindless Hate and Economic Attacks

The Yahoo link shows where the NCAA decided to give North Carolina both an ULTIMATUM and a DEADLINE (suddenly it’s the Cuban Missile Crisis)

Rolling Stone Mag Estimates it could Cost NC $500 Million in Revenue

They even shed some bitter tears over Duke getting bounced from the NCAA tourney so early this year…..and link that loss……TO THE DARN SEXUAL BATHROOM POLICIES OF THE STATE OF N. CAROLINA – check it out:

The bill forced the NCAA to move first-round NCAA tournament games from Greensboro, North Carolina to Greenville, South Carolina in 2017. Both Duke and North Carolina played in Greenville, and the Blue Devils lost to South Carolina, which was playing a de facto home game because of the relocation.

— emphasis mine…… “FORCED”???

NBA Warden – Adam Silver

Next up – the NBA decided that there’s no way they can have their (largely ignored?) 2017 ALL STAR GAME played in North Carolina now…..I mean….we wouldn’t want the NBA to have their reputation damaged or anything……

ESPN Link – We WILL Take our Ball and Go Home…..



And it doesn’t appear this row will disperse anytime soon — Texas VOTERS and their Elected Rep’s are considering a similar radical move to have the boys go to the boys room and the girls go to the girls rooms…..here’s a link on that….Fox Business – and the NBA is Issuing WARNINGS to Texas (careful, NBA)

TRANS_Tx Gov Greg Abbott
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

The NFL, as a faithful member of the alliance for “everyone using whatever toilet they want to use” —  has hinted that they may refuse to allow their SACRED SUPER DUPER BOWL to be played in Texas if …you know…Texas tries any of that…democracy stuff

Texas Gov – Hey NFL, Get Out of Politics


Finally – here’s a parting gift about what this is really about.

Two things in my opinion:

  1. Money and fear of lawsuits from special interest groups (probably ones that aren’t sure if they’re male or female)

  2. The larger prize of the erosion and ultimate DESTRUCTION of the nuclear family as the basic building block of our society. I’ll leave you with a quote from a social activist who promotes this idea…and her ideological forefather…..V. Lenin ….to support that notion…..

…my ideas on that topic are more fully fleshed out elsewhere in this Blog.

….check out: 50 Amp – “Why Attack the Family?”

FAMILY_Linda Gordon - Nuc Fam Must Be DestroyedFAMILY_Lenin We Must Hate

I don’t know if the American strain of Marxism and Communism will be as violent as the Russian one was….but it sure is a hell of a lot more ….persnickety

Sometimes I think they’re just going to  Capitalism into oblivion.


footnote 1: The obvious conundrum is this…..if the Marxists insist that a man can become a woman simply by claiming that HE IS…..and we’re going to THROW SCIENCE AND REASON OUT THE DOOR……then there’s absolutely NO GOOD DEFENSE against a woman deciding that she’s really a man…..correct?

Well….if we can cross the biological-sex barrier that easily…..just by CLAIMING IT…..then there’s no rational reason why we can’t claim practically any other desired change as well, correct?

Based on this thinking that same group has to allow that a Hispanic person can decide that they’re a BLACK person. Or an Asian person can decide that they’re a WHITE person…..a White person an decide that they’re 2% Cherokee still I guess……and some of us may actually be of no clear race…..just recently a “Judge” in Oregon made a formal decision that being ASEXUAL …. based on your STATED AND PERCEIVED / PROFESSED “IDENTITY”…is now an option……

here’s a PBS Link to how you can just opt out and decide you don’t have ANY sex — legally — in Oregon…..legal insanity……PBS LINK TO DECISION ….. Wonder what they think when they pee? Isn’t that a HINT at which club you belong to?

So  then why have ANY Special interest group promoting any cause whatsoever?
If the only differences between us are in our minds and perceived identities — then just BELIEVE YOU’RE SOMETHING ELSE

Better yet — grown, masculine men should just start talking into public restrooms and claiming that they’re momentarily “Questioning” their identify …..and believe they’re really a tall, willowy EMPOWERED WOMAN….empowered to watch all the other women Pee too…..after all, the GLBTQ – mafia couldn’t possibly have a reason not to support your moment of questioning right?



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