With ALL the Fuss About Russians “Hacking” and “Interfering”…. Have We All Forgotten THIS?

3/31/17 (1/2 past fed UP)

….and with all the insinuation about how this admin has SO MUCH to answer for — I thought it was time that we took a quick walk down memory lane….via “Wikileaks Avenue”

Wiki_UN BLdgHere’s a link with information providing details on how the U.S. Political System (PRE TRUMP) used our National Security Agency to spy on The United Nations, Germany, Israel…..hell…..even Italy….

Here’s another lovely release of information showing how our CIA spied on and attempted to Infiltrate EVERY French Political Party in their 2012 Election….

Here’s an excerpt from that one — does it sound like the Obama Admin INTERFERED WITH ANOTHER NATIONS ELECTION TO YOU???

The CIA assessed that President Sarkozy’s party was not assured re-election. …Specific instructions tasked CIA officers to discover Sarkozy’s private deliberations “on the other candidates” as well as how he interacted with his advisors.

wiki_french electin

Goodness….even one of our private, telecomm companies (AT&T) HELPED them perform this illegal activity………HAS AT&T been punished for this? Guardian Link – AT&T Helped NSA

Here’s a cluster of information showing how much resources our CIA puts into hacking, interfering and spying on other nations……

Wiki_Busted-French Election

CIA Hacking Tools & Resources Noted

Wiki_CIAYou’d THINK that ” Center for Cyber Intelligence” they have might be able to testify once and for all about any Russian involvement in our election?

I mean — we’d HATE to see an election interfered with, right?

Friends – regardless of how you think politically — PLEASE make an effort to see how GUILTY our federal government is of these type of actions.

I don’t personally believe that the Trump admin colluded with Russia in our election – we’d have easily proven it by now.


Also, that would be a VERY amateurish thing for Russia to do in my opinion.

Wiki_Russian Hacks_Why Wait

Interfering with our election makes it sound like they were WORRIED about Clinton taking office. – and I somehow doubt they were.

But every time our CORRUPT, COWARDLY, LYING Media refuses to objectively report that our Obama admin (and Bush Junior too as I recall!) was doing all the things they’re accusing Trump of — AND MUCH WORSE…..every time they gloss over how we ran guns to Mexican Drug Lords…..everytime they forget to highlight how the previous admin deployed military hardware on Russia’s borders while calling THEM the aggressor……



Make it a point to remember some of these facts and at LEAST inject them into your local conversations.

Make that your “one little thing” that you do differently this weekend?
The media’s making ALL THAT NOISE with the hope that you don’t quietly turn back the pages of history and do your own research on how UTTERLY CORRUPT, UNACCOUNTABLE, ARROGANT and LAWLESS they and MOST of our political system have become.

wiki_NSA Hacks every day

…..and one final word on this ….. in case you missed it …. about 3 years ago our NSA GRACIOUSLY accepted a fair CHUNK of your tax-donations ($1.5 Billion?) in order to build a new-state-of the artFREEDOM BUSTING Intelligence Center — in Sunny Utah.

Here’s a pic……isn’t it………..pretty?

wiki_Utah NSA

What’s it to be used for?

That’s classified, comrade.

Wikipedia Link –

The Guardian Discusses It As Well…

and OH YEAH……don’t forget that when our super-sleuths DO hack someone….they actually have the ability to make it APPEAR that another nation did the hacking – check out this article and THINK CRITICALLY about what you’re hearing in the media!

UK Link – Disguised Hacking

2 thoughts on “With ALL the Fuss About Russians “Hacking” and “Interfering”…. Have We All Forgotten THIS?

  1. Very insightful. I think a nice way to look at this kabuki theater is this – can intelligence operatives and mass media influence public opinion in a information rich culture? Can you tell bald faced lies to the public and will they buy it?

    If we say Rand Paul is a Russian agent enough times will it come true?

    It’s a bizarre, Kafka-esque world of bizarre non sequitar inculcations with no grounding in fact or logic. You can’t make this stuff up.

    The big question is who is buying?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The question about telling lies often enough to make them true — that’s an easy question, friend…..I won’t even answer……just look back at history…..look at how no one knows that the world was first given concentration camps by the Socialists/Communists — no one knows that for every single reason we universally hold Nazi’s in contempt — the Socialists and Communists TOPPED every vile deed they ever committed, killed millions more, ran scores more camps, ran them for decades longer……and it’s OK to call for that form of government to take over our own nation…….our government JUST got caught spying, bugging, wiretapping and a million other things — but they’re going to repeat over and over and OVER AND OVER that Trump has some kind of nefarious connection that we need to be scared of – and “hacking” may have happened in there somewhere……our last Attorney General sold guns to Mexican drug lords, Obama tried to adopt the TPP treaty with virtually no one reading it or even voting on it….utterly lawless and BANKING ON the continued ignorance and apathy of the American public…..we’re getting the “Trump is dangerous” mind control almost 24/7 now……the really scary thing is that our enemies know how the media and marxist left will function as a defect ally / fifth column within our nation in the event we try to use force in a major conflict…..Trump isn’t perfect but he’s the KIND of leader we need more of — telling the Globalist / NWO crowd to TAKE —-A —- HIKE!!!


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