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Book Review – “The Chinese Opium Wars” (by Jack Beeching)

  4/25/17 (way earlier than I care to admit) This is one of the most fascinating (and possibly "telling") books I own (or have ever read)... Author, Jack Beeching does an outstanding job of illuminating an oft-forgotten corner of history that I believe is as relevant today as it was in the 19th century - … Continue reading Book Review – “The Chinese Opium Wars” (by Jack Beeching)

Another Peek at Marxist Extremists – Antifa

4/24/17 (just before the carriers arrive off NK) Quick article to share a link showing one of the VIOLENT Marxist organizations behind the anti-patriot / anti-Trump demonstrations -- especially in Berkeley. Who is "ANTIFA"? I wonder if they know how BADLY a growing # of other people in the USA "WANT TO MEET UP WITH … Continue reading Another Peek at Marxist Extremists – Antifa

Mounting Treason – Things May be About to Go “Sideways” in the U.S.A.

4/23/17 (almost 4:30) This isn't the first time such an article or suggestion has popped up in the media - if you are so inclined you will find previous articles by doing some simple searches. Here's a movement from the Marxists within the US (and their willing accomplices who should be held equally accountable) that … Continue reading Mounting Treason – Things May be About to Go “Sideways” in the U.S.A.

Reports Surfacing of ISIS Using Chemical Weapons

4/19/17 (before 8pm but still too late) This was reported to have happened last Sunday - the specific agent was a type of mustard gas.....deployed against Iraqi soldiers who also had US and Australian advisors present. You can search the story up separately - I don't have the time to do a full article right … Continue reading Reports Surfacing of ISIS Using Chemical Weapons

Fascinating Quote – Aldous Huxley

4/18/17 (after - all) I really enjoy doing the "book reviews" on this site and have noticed that those articles are getting quick views and likes from several readers. I think that's a wonderful thing! I have been contemplating a book review for Sybille Bedford's biography of Aldous Huxley; as I find him to be a … Continue reading Fascinating Quote – Aldous Huxley

Book Recommendation – Edgar Allen Poe

4/18/17 (soon after the coffee) I grew up a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan - I think many young boys do the same after being introduced to his writing. I started reading Poe around the 3rd grade so I was a little ahead of the school-assigned reading that was to come. While so many have … Continue reading Book Recommendation – Edgar Allen Poe

More on Families – Here’s the Communist Playbook

4/15/17 Happy Easter! Let's look to history to see the evidence of Marxist/Communist hatred for families. Here's the source I'm quoting - it's a PRO-MARXIST publication: "Marx for Beginners" by Rius Published by Pantheon in New York 1976.   The quotes I will share are from the co-author of the Communist Manifesto, F. Engels. Mr Engels protests … Continue reading More on Families – Here’s the Communist Playbook

Let’s Recap – Families Under Attack

4/15/17 Within this blog -- I've given historical background / empirical evidence on how Communists/Marxists WANT to destroy the 'traditional family structure' My Article on "Why Communists Attack the Family"   I've shared their rationale on why the 'traditional family' must go as well Please stop to consider THE NOTION that the current "Leftist" movement to … Continue reading Let’s Recap – Families Under Attack