This is Bad (Bombing Syria)


I won’t have time to do this article full justice tonight.

I’ve been happy with how the Trump administration was clearly aligning with the Syrian people in regards to their having the authority to choose their leader (currently B. Assad).

SYR_AssadI’ve been encouraged by the fact that this administration made statements about partnering with Russia to eliminate ISIS and allow Syria to remain stable.

SYR_Trump Pic No dispute

But now we’ve seen another mysterious chemical weapons attackimmediately blamed it on Syria (just like we did in 2013 – more on that below) and decided to reverse our foreign policy stance and unload on Syrian government / military positions.

This is the first clear BREAK I’ve had with the Trump administration and it’s a huge one.

  1. I’ll continue reading – but at this point I see no clear proof that Syria attacked their own people with Sarin gas.
  2. It makes NO DAMN SENSE that Syria — who was WINNING their war against ISIS — would suddenly attack THEIR OWN PEOPLE with chemical weapons
    • This makes even LESS SENSE when you consider that the “West” has been waiting for an EXCUSE to enter the fray for YEARS…..WHY would Syria launch a Sarin gas attack on their own people at this juncture??

Here are some other morbid facts to consider:


In 2013 – “Team America” lined up with “Irrefutable evidence” once again about a middle eastern country that needed our military intervention — we swore before the UN and everyone else that we KNEW that Syria used Chemical weapons on their own people in a SUBURB………no good reason WHY……..but we were ready to remove Assad from powder then as well.



SYR_Obama Lied About Assad Gas Use

Here’s a link to a report (UN Weapons inspection / MIT expert) showing how we were wrong then: Read How the US Was Wring (LIED?) About Assad Using Sarin Gas in 2013

Russia and Iran are now saying that they’ll respond with force if we continue down this path: Almost Looks Like Were AIDING ISIS…..AGAIN….


Meanwhile — actual humanitarian aid …. 5 1/2 tons of it……are coming to Syria from Russia – Russia Promotes Stability — While the USA Bombs From Afar

And a WONDERFUL tidbit here — a Wikileaks …leak….showing that the concept of overthrowing Assad … in order to help Israel ……goes back to 2001 at least.

Clinton Emails Showing Why Assad MUST GO


UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State ….. Date: 11/30/2015 RELEASE IN FULL

The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad. 

SYR_ww3 powder kegs

God help us …. or perhaps Damn Us……if evidence comes out that we were wrong (or worse — LYING) about Assad actually deploying Sarin……if it was the “Moderate Rebels” who used it (again?) — then we deserve everything that happens to us as a result.

Good night, USA




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