Bad and Getting Worse….


British Link – USA About to Bomb Damascus?

“The Russian leader made the astonishing claim – that the US is planning to FAKE chemicals weapons attacks – during a joint press conference with the Italian President Sergio Mattarella.”

  1. The Mirror isn’t the best source in the world
  2. However the joint press conference where Putin made the remarks — are real, and that’s what matters most here

Worth watching closely to see if another ‘Assad chemical attack’ suddenly happens WITH THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHING……

I hate to say it — but if that were to suddenly spring into our news cycle as an actual event — I’d tend to agree with the idea that the West (USA apparently) has somehow faked it in order to advance goals of toppling regimes in the region.

We’d also be inching closer to a MAJOR regional war if not worse —

ASSAD_Assad Listening

Here’s a reminder on the old “7 nations in 5 years” goal that our American government once supported

Salon Link

Here’s a reminder that the last time we made these claims (Assad attacking his own people w/Sarin gas — which fighting ISIS) — they were refused scientifically……seems we are expected to forget and fall for it all over again???

MIT Expert Report on Syrian Gas Attack in 20123 – That Wasn’t Assad Either


Finally, If the ‘7 nations in 5 years’ thing is 100% true — then we’re behind schedule……and Iran is on the list…..(now backed by Russia …. and possibly China)

5 thoughts on “Bad and Getting Worse….

    1. Hello Lana – good to have you here, feel free to post more often. I intend to keep the blog as objective as I know how and do not intend to try and make money from it…….something interesting must have happened in terms of a ‘deal’ between the leaders of the US and China this past week. Otherwise, Rumors were (and apparently some online sources confirming? I need to check on it before I write about it in an article) popping up saying that China had agreed to take military action against NK if they cross certain “red lines” (no pun intended) …… if that’s true…..and assuming the US didn’t sell someone else down the river for the agreement — then that’s a major diplomatic maneuver by the US and it places NK in an untenable position. However…..time will tell – the US Carrier Strike group left Indonesia on Saturday headed for the Korean peninsula — we won’t have long to wait to see if preemptive military action will be taken. I’m former active duty and have visited S Korea twice – was stationed Japan 2 years — personally I don’t see us preemptively starting a 2nd Korean war. ***IF*** we did — we’d need to be ready to use tactical nukes right away to eliminate NK’s combat abilities completely and nullify any possible nuclear counterstroke against SK, Japan or others…… preference and my prayers however — are for peace.

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      1. Yes, agreed. I did find it odd that China moved their troops after the meeting with Trump. As you said, we will see soon enough if this really does progress. If it does, and we do get involved (which we probably will) then we will have to act very fast. The dictator there is very unruly and seems to be someone who will not think twice about his people. Anyway, thanks for posting. Very good!


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