Let’s Recap – Families Under Attack


Within this blog — I’ve given historical background / empirical evidence on how Communists/Marxists WANT to destroy the ‘traditional family structure’

My Article on “Why Communists Attack the Family”



I’ve shared their rationale on why the ‘traditional family’ must go as well

FAMILY_Lenin We Must Hate

Please stop to consider THE NOTION that the current “Leftist” movement to display “tolerance” towards individuals who claim to be transsexual just might be a continuation of that same ideology from Marx and Lenin etc

My opinion, frankly, my CONVICTION, is that the current “American Left” (Marxists) do NOT give a a SHIT about gays, minorities or the poor ….. what they care about is seizing CAPITAL and the Means of Production…..if you identify with one of the aforementioned groups — you are A MEANS TO AN END….and nothing more— history confirms this.

Take a close look at the Saul Alinsky quote above and THINK about it …

FAMILY_Linda Gordon - Nuc Fam Must Be Destroyed

Please feel free to comment if you don’t understand this – 

I like the idea of shorter articles here and there with more interaction — My goal is NOT to see others start to “think like me”.

My goal is to point to history in an attempt to clarify contemporary politics.

In doing this I frequently highlight the distinction between Marxist views and “Traditional Leftists” in hopes that people can make more educated decisions in their lives and in their politics.


Thanks and good night –


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