Thank You w/April update

4/27/17 (just before family time)

Since kicking the blog off at the end of December of last year I’ve noticed several international visitors stopping by to take a look.

Some are “one offs” and, for all I know, not even real people at all – something from our CIA perhaps ; )

However many have joined on as followers and I can see the repeated check ins and which articles are getting attention (I really like seeing the quick attention to the book reviews – that may actually become the primary focus of the blog by the end of the year).

Just for the sake of doing it — here are the nations who have visited the most frequently, per month since Dec ’16.
I’ve been taken aback by the total # of nations represented in the visitors log — it comes to about 25-30 different countries since Jan 2017.

Thank you for stopping by!

I wish I could meet some of you and just learn more about who you are and what your life is like…until we figure that out — here’s a snapshot of who’s visited the most frequently per month.

Edit to add April’s winners – I’m sure you smell the irony…

The UK and India tied for most visits from a non-US nation on a given month (winner gets 1 million “Amp Bucks”) for the month of April.

The “Chinese Opium Wars” article features a portion of their shared history, as these 2 nations were joined at the hip via Colonization / Revolts — all that was missing would have been Chinese visitors as well to complete the book’s leading figures.

Your interest is extremely welcomed and feedback – coveted.

For January 2017
The first month of “official release” & our neighbors to the north – Canada

VisitChamp_CN Flag
Thank YOU for Rush

For February 2017
Proud Balkan people who claim Transylvania as part of their backyard – Romania

They survived the Huns, Mongols AND Soviets, right?

For March 2017
Home to some of the most breathtaking scenery ever – also the home of a good friend of mine from another era – New Zealand

Christchurch and Hobbits Oh My!

April features a 2-way tie between two nations who have an interesting, shared history….I’ll give it another couple of days and we’ll see how it ends.

So – keep coming back – the blog is only intended to run for 1 year and will then be reevaluated.

However, I have no plans to add advertisements / seek to make money from the blog.

Have a nice evening – I hope all of you are well — and surrounded by people who love you.




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