To My International Friends…

6/30/17 (just before bed)

Thank you again for the ROBUST visits from around the world.

This blog isn’t purposed to make money and there will never be any advertisements — my only goals are to say the things I believe need to be said in light of history and current US Politics.

So thank you for stopping by – some visitors from certain nations in particular REALLY SEEM to be regulars.

Here are some quick notes for our non-US Friends.

I lived overseas in two different continents – travelled as much as I could while I was overseas and developed a VERY high opinion of so many people and their beautiful (and fascinating) homes.

On many occasions I was treated like a brother or son and I’ll never forget that (especially by people from Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea and France).

It’s funny how we never see the full  impact of our behavior.

There are people in those aforementioned nations that performed selfless acts of kindness for me back when I was a much younger man….and sometimes a little reckless.

As a result I’ve always vowed to provide as much help and hospitality as possible to international visitors in the US.

I still speak a smattering of 5 languages aside from my native “American scented English” – so I’ve actually had occasion to help visiting Japanese or Germans in their language.

More than happy to do it to.

Too bad the “help” I was so eager to give always seemed to be about directions.

LOST-City Streets

Man…..I have a TERRIBLE sense of direction.

So …..hopefully those guys all made it to the airport and/or various interstates that I directed them to.

Oh well…’s the thought that counts!


Gute Nacht!

Buenos Noches!


Later, Tater.



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