Thoughts on our “Trans”-itioning Society


So – this post represents a topic that I’ve thought about quite a bit.

And since the topic is becoming increasingly mainstream — I will make it a  point to update this page with additional sources and examples of where the issue is going,

I believe the emerging concept of “Transhumanism” is linked to the recent phenomena of media promotion of “transsexualism” actually.

In order to keep this article focused on this topic I will not reiterate the Marxist based motivations for attacking the family structure – however I am convinced that IS one of the primary reasons transsexualism is being promoted to the extent that it is.

I believe there’s another angle here that should be considered.

Promoting the idea that men can become women (and vice versa) – simply by deciding that they want to….also helps guide society to the next big barrier that Nihilists and others will attempt to remove.

Changing what it means to be human. Some are even saying that the ultimate goal is to “abolish death” itself.  More on That Notion Here….TRANSHUMAN_Eye

From what I have read, the paths to Transhumanism are varied, here’s a partial list of emerging technologies and concepts that purportedly offer mere humans the chance to be MORE than human:


  • Implantable microchips that may augment your natural body chemistry in a variety of ways (location tracking, time release of medicine, even the near-instant absorption of a new language)
  • Physical merging of mechanical “enhancements” to the human body. There are numerous examples of the military experimenting with metal ‘exoskeletons’ for soldiers and there may soon be developments that would physically augment additional appendages to the body.
  • Designer Babies: embryos from 3 parents have been proposed…..paging Mr Aldous Huxley
  • Genetic Manipulation: This may be the strangest of them all. Altering our human DNA to include animal DNA or other outside elements. Splicing in medicinal enhancements to help fight disease are also being explored.
  • Off the Chart Stuff: For every item we can find in the media – I’m convinced there are probably 2 more that we aren’t hearing about. Look to some of the “Evolved Human” type recurring themes in movies and TV programs to get an idea what I mean. Night vision, super strength, adding gills to your kids so they can breathe under water…..hard to tell what might be on the fringes!


So – back the “link” between promoting transsexualism and the unfolding macabre of “enhanced humans”

I believe that the idea of making these type of changes to the natural human form disturbs most people on many levels.

So – the movement needs a push… needed a forerunner to help remove barriers.

And there’s the link…..

You can’t get to transhumanism without the idea of transsexualism being first adopted.

If you can socially engineer enough people to be comfortable with the idea that a man can “become” a woman; then – ULTIMATELYthe idea of “upgraded” or “enhanced” human beings will take root and start to seem attractive.TRANSHUMAN_Billboard

If you’ve been paying attention to movies, billboards, magazines and other influencers out there – you’ll know that the marketing of this idea has been going on for a few years.



So – assuming you haven’t done so already – make an attempt to broach this topic at your next social event……see where it leads

I’ve added several links to sources and articles below to confirm that this isn’t science fiction or a conspiracy theory.


TRANSHUMAN_What it is – Super Soldiers

Russia Times asks “Superhuman or Super Tyrants?”

Genetically Customized Babies?

More on Transhumanism – How the Argument is Made for Moving Ahead

British Article Notes that Chips are Being Implanted in Soldiers Already

Fox News- Is There a Chip in Your Future?

Implantable Chips – Have Been Marketed for Human Use for Decades





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