And Now for Something…Completely Different (Guitar)


I’m a bit bogged down on another book review I’m trying to get out this weekend — so in order to break the rut I’ve walked away and have been playing a lot of guitar for the past 2 days.

Here are some quick samples of me playing the Les Paul and Yamaha Acoustic

I should get the ’65 Strat up later as well since she’s the classiest of all the lot…


So here’s the Les Paul

I believe it’s a 1998 model – not really sure

Bought it in California in 1999 and have put a lot of miles on it – recently upgraded bridge piece and reworked soldering on the inside …. plus… stickers

And the Yamaha Acoustic — my oldest guitar

Bought in Japan in 1994 and I’ve broken the neck twice — just a quick clip but I’ve used this one in studios, live and have traveled on 3 continents with it….

And just one more — here’s the Yamaha 12 string – bought in Germany in 1997

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