It HAS To Be Said

Early Saturday Morning,

As I continue to pull historical reference after historical reference about who the Marxists are and what types of core beliefs and tactics they claim — I am more convinced than ever that the United States is currently experiencing a political revolution.

This revolution has learned from historical failures however.

It’s been coming slowly over decades.

This isn’t the Trotsky-ites “World Wide Revolution NOW” type event.

This is the culmination of decades of effort from a wide ranging network of networks who either hold Marxist/Communist convictions OR they are enablers to that movement for one reason or another.

FAMILY_Lenin We Must Hate

However- if the agitation gets to the point where an attempt is made to remove our legally elected President — then the United States needs to realize that we are at a type of crossroads that’s nearly unprecedented for our nation.

Soon there will not be any room to sit on the fence politically – you will have to decide whether or not you are supporting the forces that align with the idea of a “Global Community” (and supranational govt) OR the people who refuse to abandon our Constitutional Republic and the notion of National Sovereignty.

This blog contains enough source documentation and academically based assertions by this time that I do not feel as if this specific article needs to be cited as in the past.

I’m not saying these things because I want attention – or money (this is a free blog and always will be)

I’m not saying these things because I see myself as some type of ideologue (or worse – a prophet)

I’m saying them because of two simple reasons

  1. I believe my assertions on the current revolution in the US, it sources, goals and actors — can be empirically proven to be Marxist in nature. I believe history absolutely proves the claims made on this blog in reference to social-political movements in this country (and elsewhere – their goal is Global after all… it ALWAYS has been)
  2. I believe a LOT of men, women and children stand to suffer greatly because of any ‘hot revolution’ that may kick off in the US. Also, any subsequent Marxist State would (and I am CONVICTED of this) mirror historical communist states closely enough that many, MANY people would suffer and die needlessly.

So there’s a sense of urgency here  00 but NO FEAR

I welcome challenges to my assertions and conclusions

I am more than happy to be proven wrong on any of this.

But, if you decide to go there, please do some research and consider your history.

Time is getting too short to continue to attempt to engage (or expect) meaningful communication with those who are now acting like automatons…….

Book Updates:

  1. I’m currently conducting interviews with people I’ve known and worked with from various industries, I have the great fortune to have worked with some really talented and insightful people — so far I am getting feedback from
    • A PhD in Economics who has helped advise major financial institutions as well as one of the world’s premier health organizations
    • A lawyer who exhibits an inspirational balance of intelligence, wisdom and humor – a man who understands the utility and value of studying historical information in order to make decisions about the FUTURE.
    • A project engineer who’s spent time in software development as well as the Aerospace world.
    • Additional  invites have been sent to police officers, teachers, mothers, and musicians.
  2. The outline has been revised and better fleshed out (version 3 now)
  3. The literature review continues with surprising results at the lack of conversation on this topic
  4. The sources and citations are expanding so fast I can hardly keep up

I’m taking breaks of up to a week because the subject matter is – FRANKLY – depressing at times…..but I still believe a formal MS will be ready in the spring of 2018

There are 2 small publishing companies working with me on the project to varying degrees — regardless of their interest in the final product — I will print the book personally if needs be and give FREE COPIES to any reader of this Blog.

NOTE: If you are interested in receiving an emailed copy of the interview questions and want to be considered for a role in the book – please email me at:

I will send you more information and you can make the decision as you see fit!

(No surprises though – I will share everything with you — my intent, the context of your potential quotes and the ultimate point I’m making in the book)




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