Picked the Wrong Week to Be Silent


I’ve laid out earlier articles in regards to this Pope – feel free to reference those for more context on my opinions of him (and his newly appointed head of theology)….so I won’t add that element to this quick post.


The Amazing Marxist Pope will be hosting a global event in Rome this November — and I’m almost willing to bet my next paycheck that you haven’t heard about this at all.

Of course it’s hard to hear about much of anything when the media-propaganda outlets have been given orders to take down the off-the-reservation-antiglobalist US President

The Vatican Takes Up Global Population Control


Have we been conditioned to like anything that might help us like a coerced destiny?

Pay close attention to the key speakers and honored guests are :


Professor John Schellnhuber

John Schellnhuber is founding director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and chair of the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU). Schellnhuber has little patience for those who do not accept his scientific theories and conclusions. In a May 2014 interview with musician Pierre Baigorry, Schellnhuber claimed that sometimes politicians have to take citizens to task “with coercion” to overcome their own resistance to change.

Schellnhuber proposes the need for indispensable forms of world governance – or in his own words, a “global democratic society”


Sir Partha Dasgupta

Dasgupta is a proponent of population control, lauding China’s Human Development Index despite that country’s brutal “family planning” policy. He is also a patron of Population Matters, formerly known as the Optimum Population Trust, that lobbies for a “sustainable population size,” including the “reversing of population growth” in many countries.

Peter Raven

Peter Raven is a biologist who specializes in plants, butterflies, and evolution. At the last PAS symposium, Raven said, “We need at some point to have a limited number of people, which is why Pope Francis and his three most recent predecessors have always argued that you should not have more children than you can bring up properly.”

Jeffrey Sachs

Columbia University’s Jeffery Sachs, who co-hosted the Vatican’s 2015 conference on climate change, believes that abortion is a legitimate way to reduce the population.

Sachs made a plea for legalizing abortion as a cost-effective way to eliminate “unwanted children” when contraception fails in his 2008 book Commonwealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet.


I’m sure we all feel better knowing that this  will be helping reduce the population of the planet going forward.

I wonder if they have any preferences on where they might start?

Any people that might avoid trying to steer into “zero population growth”?

Or will be from each according to their ability and to each according to their needs?



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