Why Can’t the Media Support the Trump’s Admin’s Efforts Against …


There’s something terribly wrong with out “media” right now — and I THINK that many people SENSE it or (more hopefully) recognize it.

American television media (and others – but I’ll keep the scope limited) aren’t even true ‘news’ outlets — they’re Propaganda organs of the State.

The various people who appear on these shows reading their teleprompter and talking about various topics they deem “news” — are doing what they are told and nothing else.

There IS NO investigative journalism in the American “Statist” media – if there were – you’d see more variance between the networks, right?


I mean – this is another thing that US Citizens should be thankful for from the Trump Admin. Inadvertently, this admin has helped cast a light on how LOCK STEP and MINDLESS the media is (not to mention our political system – but that’s another post entirely)

OF ALL THE THINGS that this Admin has done so far (and there have been meaningful accomplishments that are going ignored – see my earlier posts for an example)…..why hasn’t even ONE of our celebrated (worshipped) NEWS OUTLETS — addressed the FANTASTIC GAINS made by the admin against:

  1. International Sex Trafficking &
  2. Pedophilia Networks

(note that in MANY cases the former features the latter)


How mindlessly hateful do you have to BE to not acknowledge that both of those are AWFUL things??

Where are the “women’s marches” to show solidarity on this?

Where’s the VATICAN?

Well — they’re not HELPING — Here they are EVACUATING their US Embassy Priest Who will have his case “reviewed” by the Vatican…..

I took note of the stats about 3 months ago and whereas the previous Admin netted something like 400-425 pedophiles in one year…..this Admin …. who OPENLY DECLARED THEIR INTENT TO CRACK DOWN ON THIS SICK RING OF CRIMINALS — had arrested around 2,000 in ONE MONTH.

Here are some links for you to consider on this topic:

3,000 Pedophiles Arrested Since Trump Took Office

Not JUST in the US – Largest Pedo Bust EVER in Norway – IGNORED

Looks like our Justice Dept / FBI are finding A LOT of these SICKOS….in Washington DC

So – what better way to blackmail and “own” a politician than to get someone in office who engaged in this type of sick / criminal behavior?

Like the Seattle mayor that just resigned after 5 different men came forward testifying about how he molested them….

You Think This Was Just OVERLOOKED Somehow??

This link is a little old and goes back to Feb — but the arrests had already started then –

Why Aren’t Media Talking About These Busts???

NBC Notes that Pope Francis’ Top Advisor – Is Busted as a PEDOPHILE

Have to go to Overseas Media to Get Some Updates – Russia Notes Wide Spread Crackdown on Pedophiles by Trump Admin

So — could it BE that this Admin is starting to get close to a powerful group of people who engage in this twisted behavior and/or blackmail others with it?

Could this be more organized and widespread than you think?

While I can’t prove it – I hate to admit that I believe it is RAMPANT — and I’d b willing to bet my next paycheck that the prevalence is much higher within ‘elite political / cultural” circles

Link Shows Some of the Org’s That Support / Promote Pedophilia

The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) had early support from Allen Ginsberg. In the UK, the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) sought acceptance on the Left by affiliating itself with the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), then run by prominent Left-wingers. Leading members of the Labour party, including Patricia Hewitt and Harriet Harman, were tarnished by their association with PIE, but many of them remain in positions of power in the Labour party.

Google RESISTS – Legislation That Takes Aim at Child Sex Networking Online

So what ARE we hearing?

It seems like suddenly there’s a RACE to normalize PEDOPHILIA in the United States — here are some articles illustrating my point:

Univ Mich Staffer Publishes About Lack of “Gay PRESCHOOLERS”

Teen Vogue Says that Children CAN understand Mutual Sex – Just like “ordering pizza”

Brit PM Says NO Recompense for Sexually Abused Kids – they CONSENTED

US Schools Urging Children to Become “Transgender”

Salon – Pedophilia is a TYPE OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION

Hollywood Rampant with Pedophilia – Actor Interviewed

Finally – here’s a declassified US Dept of State Document acknowledging systematic pedophilia networks using a pizza parlor as their ‘front’ for sex trafficking

From FOIA State.Gov – Organized Pedo Network(s)

(document released in Sept 2014 – investigation includes overseas networks in India and goes back to at least 2004)

So – help me understand.

How can the media NOT get behind this?

HOW can the University of Michigan allow such a disgraceful publication as the one linked above while these arrests are happening?? OR EVER?

How aren’t we seeing more public figures come out to address this and call for unity on this disturbing issue??

FAMILY_Linda Gordon - Nuc Fam Must Be Destroyed

The silence should tell you something,

The urgent move to normalize pedophilia is as PREDICTABLE as it is TRAGIC


If you were wondering when it might be a  good time to take a stand on SOMETHING

If you were unsure of which political / social issue to possibly champion ….

Why not start here?



Even LITTLE THINGS add up when SANE PEOPLE (who cross political, race, geographic lines) decide to move on an issue.

DO ONE LITTLE THING – repost the stories

Ask someone if they’re aware of these stories

Ask them if they can agree on this ONE ANGLE to the Trump Admin

FAMILY_Lenin We Must Hate

The predictable name calling will start somewhere in there.

Someone might try to trot out the ever so tired “Homophobic” label — but that doesn’t quite apply here does it?

I mean — WHAT?




Spread the word, friends – raise awareness

This is ONE of the reasons our “media” has to make so much noise on other topics — don’t be fooled by distractions!

2 + 2 = 4

and NO, our children











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