Thoughts on our “Trans”-itioning Society

7/12/17 So - this post represents a topic that I've thought about quite a bit. And since the topic is becoming increasingly mainstream -- I will make it a  point to update this page with additional sources and examples of where the issue is going, I believe the emerging concept of "Transhumanism" is linked to … Continue reading Thoughts on our “Trans”-itioning Society

More on Families – Here’s the Communist Playbook

4/15/17 Happy Easter! Let's look to history to see the evidence of Marxist/Communist hatred for families. Here's the source I'm quoting - it's a PRO-MARXIST publication: "Marx for Beginners" by Rius Published by Pantheon in New York 1976.   The quotes I will share are from the co-author of the Communist Manifesto, F. Engels. Mr Engels protests … Continue reading More on Families – Here’s the Communist Playbook

Let’s Recap – Families Under Attack

4/15/17 Within this blog -- I've given historical background / empirical evidence on how Communists/Marxists WANT to destroy the 'traditional family structure' My Article on "Why Communists Attack the Family"   I've shared their rationale on why the 'traditional family' must go as well Please stop to consider THE NOTION that the current "Leftist" movement to … Continue reading Let’s Recap – Families Under Attack